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Traffic Advisory Committee

The Randolph Township Traffic Advisory Committee works to identify and resolve traffic problems and issues in various sections of the township.

When warranted, the committee seeks out the assistance of appropriate municipal departments through the township manager who has the discretion to make personnel available to assist the committee in carrying out its functions.

The committee consists of five regular members and one alternate member, all of whom are appointed by the township council. The term of each member is two years.

2018 Traffic Advisory Committee
Committee MemberTerm Ends
Jim Marsaka, Chair2018
Tom Burk2019
Tom Hand2019
Greg Mohr2019
Audrey Verona2019
Joshua Schaffer (Student Liaison)6/2018
Gavin Renken (Student Liaison)6/2018
Lance Tkacs (Council Liaison)——
Ofc. Rich Biase (Police Liaison)——