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New 4th Grade Art Exhibit at Town Hall

Posted: July 7, 2006

The exhibit is part of an installation created by the 4th grade art students at Center Grove School under the direction of Patricia Barter-Varrichio and artists-in-residence Carol Hendrickson and Marco Giametti of Sprittree as a result of a grant received by Ms. Barter-Varrichio.

An installation is an art form which allows the viewer to become part of the piece by interacting with the art. The project was part of a school-wide endeavor to which all grades contributed through their work across the curriculum of music, poetry, math, science, and other disciplines, creating a truly worthwhile experience for all!

Grateful recognition goes to the Morris County of the Arts for funding the grant and to the Center Grove PTA for their generous contribution of matching funds.

The show will run until mid-August. Come see the artistry and imagination of Randolph students!

cool artwork by school children