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New Definition for Commingled Recyclables

Posted: December 23, 2011

There is now an expanded list of acceptable recyclables, many of which may be co-mingled with bottles and cans at curbside and at the recycling center:

  • all containers made of steel, glass and aluminum
  • types of plasticsall plastic containers with the exception of #3 (PVC) and #6 (polystyrene)
  • paper beverage cartons
  • margarine tubs and yogurt containers
  • take-out “clam shell” containers

Also accepted at the recycling center but not eligible for curbside collection are the following:

  • spackle buckets (with wire handle removed)
  • large children’s plastic toys (electronics removed)
  • plastic flower pots and plant trays (soil removed)
  • plastic clothes hangers

Note that plastic bags of all types and containers that previously held petrochemicals or hazardous materials are not allowed.

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