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False Alarm in Shongum Lake

Posted: August 2, 2011

On August 1, 2011, the Randolph Police responded to a residence in Shongum Lake on a report of a male trying to enter a home when only children were present.

The caller indicated to police that her teenage daughter answered the door and a male advised that he was there to check a water pressure problem.

After investigating the situation, the police determined that the male actually was an employee of Randolph Township’s water and sewer department. Shongum Lake had experienced water problems the previous week and the township employee had simply responded to the wrong residence.

The Randolph Police Department would like to assure homeowners in the Shongum Lake area that although frightening to the individuals involved, there was and is no current danger to residents due to this event.

As a reminder, one of the best ways to prevent crimes in your neighborhood is to contact the police department immediately if you observe suspicious persons and/or vehicles.