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Freedom From Smoking® Clinic to be Offered

Posted: January 25, 2007

Freedom From Smoking® is an eight-session stop-smoking clinic sponsored by the American Lung Association. It is led by professionally-trained instructors who help smokers create a supportive environment to break the smoking addiction.

This highly structured, award-winning program is based on a clinic approach that includes self-help, behavior change, group support, rich resources, and maintenance strategies. The emphasis is on long-term freedom from smoking and each smoker who attends the clinic will develop an individual plan for quitting. The fee is $125.00 and includes all materials.

The sessions begin on Tuesday, February 13th and will continue to meet every Tuesday through March 27th. Sessions will be held from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the lunch room at the Randolph Municipal Building located at 502 Millbrook Avenue. Participants are asked to use the south side entrance near the dog park.

Thinking about quitting smoking? The first meeting, on February 13th, is a free orientation to give attendees the opportunity to learn a little more about what the program entails before committing.

Get started on your journey to being free from cigarettes. Please pre-register by calling Kimberly Garnett, the facilitator, at 973.537.7125.