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Improved Township Site Search

Posted: September 11, 2005

[Note: The police department and library websites are not a part of the township site search.]

The “Search the Site” box in the left-hand column of every township web page conducts a simple search of all township content…and we do mean ALL. This means that if the keyword(s) you use in your search also happen to appear in any of the meeting agendas (Township Council, Board of Adjustment, Planning Board), you may get far more results to weed through than you bargained for.

For this reason, a second, more advanced search function has been added to the site. The link to the Advanced Search is a text link which appears directly below the “Search the Site” box. It is also accessible at the top of both the “Search Results” page and the “No Search Results” page.

The Advanced Search provides site visitors with a little more control over how their search of the township site is conducted.

First, as shown in the graphic below, you choose whether to search all township content except the meeting agendas or only within the meeting agendas.

screenshot of advanced search options

Second, three new search parameters are available to assist you in narrowing down your search…

  • Search for Exact Match
    Only results containing the exact phrase specified will be returned.
  • Search for All Words
    Only results containing all of the specified words will be returned.
  • Search for Any Words
    Results containing any of the specified words will be returned.

By way of comparison, the simple search available through the “Search the Site” box is set to use the “Search for All Words” parameter. In many cases, this will result in an excessive amount of results.

The best advice? When in doubt, give the Advanced Search a try.

A Reminder

The Board of Education is the governing body for the Randolph school system and it is a separate government entity. If you are searching for information related to the township schools, please visit the Board of Education website.