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Mayor’s Reorganization Address

Posted: January 3, 2011

Mayor Trina Ruane Mitsch addressed attendees at Randolph’s January 1, 2011 reorganization meeting. The following is the text of her speech.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen:

Thank you for being here. It’s not that long ago that 2011 sounded like a year in science fiction and yet here we are. We’ve experienced all the challenges that started with the near collapse in the financial sector in 2008, and we’ve come through on the other side. America is an amazingly resilient place. 200+ years of hard work, innovation, and an indomitable spirit do not come undone so easily. I continue to meet and work with people who leave me in awe with their achievements, ability to adapt to new challenges and tenacity to bring about change and get the job done. The structural changes that have taken place in our economy in the last few years necessitate changes in how we operate in municipal government.

Randolph has been ahead of the curve with respect to shared services starting years ago as a founding member of the Morris County Cooperative Pricing Council. The list of shared service arrangements continues to grow. We recently started providing animal control services for the two Mendhams, and we will soon start providing health department services for Roxbury Township. We continue to look at all new potential opportunities for collaboration, on a case by case basis. I believe that there are many more opportunities where a strategic alliance could provide savings for Randolph and other potential partners. Because we do so much so well, Randolph is the model others look to emulate in many ways. As a result of the harsh economic reality other communities are only starting to make changes that have been standard practice here for years.

As a council member over the past eight years I have thought about the long term impact of my decisions on Randolph’s financial position and quality of life. That mindset will continue to guide me through the budget process again this year. Given the state budget challenges, the slow economic recovery and its effect on state revenues, it is highly likely that Randolph will experience a significant loss in state revenue again this year. As Randolph residents, we have to decide this year what is the appropriate balance we desire between maintaining the current standard of services provided and paying more for those services.

Starting this month I will be attending the monthly Economic Development Committee meetings. Ed Metz has done a lot with this committee in the last few years and my intention is to build on that foundation and have even more interaction with Randolph businesses. We have a slow growing economy which presents as many challenges to the business community as it does to municipal government. We are all looking for ways to maintain certain standards and take care of essential services. As a business owner myself, I want Randolph businesses to know that I’m here to help, and I look forward to finding ways the town can help them. Together we can find ways to help each other.

The longer I’m on the council, the more I realize how lucky we are in Randolph. Many individuals, volunteers, staff and council members have made this town the great place it is. Let’s keep that momentum going. Some things will change but change many times is a good thing. Before a mosaic is created there are only shattered pieces of glass. The artist sees the opportunity to create something new and wonderful. I invite you all to embark on the next chapter in Randolph history with me. Despite the economic challenges I think it’s possible to continue to be the premier community we are. Many residents have had only limited engagement with local government. I invite you to attend council meetings, particularly the budget sessions, so you can see the big picture and understand what drives the decisions we have to make.

On a lighter note, I learned recently that one of the responsibilities the mayor has is to throw the opening pitch for Little League opening day. For those who know me well, this is hilariously funny. After 24 years living here, I’m still trying to figure out the game of baseball! My sporting endeavors have been less than stellar shall we say. Fortunately, Jim Loveys has volunteered to coach me! I look forward to opening day and a new experience in my American education!

I serve you, the Randolph residents. Feel free to contact me with your thoughts, comments or questions. I wish you all a prosperous and healthy 2011.

Mayor Trina Ruane Mitsch
January 1, 2011