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Randolph Celebrates Read Across America

Posted: March 2, 2006

At a recent township council meeting, Mayor Gary C. Algeier and Christine Carey, president of the Randolph Township Board of Education, introduced a resolution celebrating the joys of reading.

Gary C. Algeier and Christine Carey
Gary C. Algeier and Christine Carey

“The citizens of Randolph Township are firmly committed to promoting reading as the foundation for all learning. Both the Randolph Township and the Randolph Board of Education have provided significant leadership in the area of community involvement in the education of our youth, grounded in the principle that education adds to an individual’s long-term quality of life, and opens the door to the realization of a person’s full potential,” stated the resolution.

Read Across America is a national celebration of reading, this year to be conducted on March 2, 2006, which is the 102nd anniversary of the birthday of Theodor Seuss Geisel, known to millions as Dr. Seuss.

This celebration is being conducted across the United States to promote reading and adult involvement in the education of our nation’s students.

Both the township council and township board of education enthusiastically endorse Read Across America, as sponsored in our state by the New Jersey League of Municipalities, the New Jersey Library Association, and the NJEA. They encourage parents to stress the importance of reading and the joy it can bring—and not for just a day, but throughout the year—to make America’s children, especially Randolph’s children, the best readers in the world.