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Annual Reorganization Kicks Off New Year

Posted: January 1, 2012

Randolph’s annual reorganization meeting was held January 1 at town hall.

Among those in attendance were Senator Anthony R. Bucco, Assemblyman Anthony M. Bucco, Sheriff Ed Rochford, Mount Arlington Mayor Art Ondish, former Washington Township Mayor John Krickus, freeholders Margaret Nordstrom, Gene Feyl, Ann Grasso, Tom Mastrangelo, Doug Cabana and Bill Chedwiggen.

Outgoing Mayor Trina Ruane Mitsch formally accepted delivery of a new aerial fire truck which will operate out of the Ironia firehouse. Also on hand for the truck unveiling were Chief John Mc Andrew III, Deputy Chief Kevin R. Dunn and Ironia Chief Tom McAndrew.

Following the roll call of the township council, Mayor Mitsch, who served as Randolph’s mayor for the last two years, was recognized for her service to the community. She thanked the township council, manager and staff for their support during a year filled with many challenges. She also expressed gratitude for the town’s volunteers and citizens.

Councilman Mike Guadagno, who served as deputy mayor last year, was selected by his peers to serve as mayor for 2012. Councilman Tom MacArthur will serve as deputy mayor.

Mayor Guadagno, in sharing some of his plans for the upcoming year, said one of his focuses will be on shoring up the township’s ability to communicate with the public, especially in times of emergencies. Also to be addressed will be branch and leaf collection. He has created two special council subcommittees to work with township staff on addressing these issues.

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