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Selling Your Home?

Posted: May 15, 2006

This time of year is a popular time for residents to sell their home or purchase a new one in the township. If you are selling your home, the guidelines below outline steps you should take to ensure you are adhering to township regulations:

  • Make sure any and all improvements were done with proper building permits. For example, if you finished your basement, added a deck, installed a pool, removed/installed an oil tank, etc., work must be done according to code with proper permits and inspections.
  • When work has been completed, final inspections need to be scheduled with the building department. A Certificate of Occupancy/Approval will be issued after final inspections and approvals are received.
  • The township does not require a Continued Certificate of Occupancy for the resale of residential homes.
  • New Jersey state law requires a smoke detector and carbon monoxide inspection to be done prior to selling your house. This should be scheduled with the fire official at least one month before closing. Contact the fire official at 973.989.7039 for specific requirements.

View more detailed information about construction permits or contact the building department at 973.989.7070.