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Vehicle Break-Ins and Street Sign Thefts

Posted: August 3, 2006

The Randolph Police Department is urging all residents to lock their car doors. The department has received over twenty complaints in the past few months from residents who have had items stolen from their parked vehicles. Most of the thefts occurred during the overnight hours. The common denominator in all cases? The victims left their cars unlocked.

“Locking your car doors is a good habit to get into, no matter where you live,” said Sgt. William Yarzab, who noted that these thefts have occurred at random locations throughout Randolph. “During the summer months, in particular, residents need to take extra precautions, including making sure that all windows are rolled up.”

Also, within the past few weeks, approximately thirteen street signs have been removed from numerous street corners in the Shongum Lake area. Replacing these signs will cost several hundred dollars in materials and manpower. These acts are not simply pranks, but illegal acts which can cause a delayed response to a location in the event of an emergency.

The Randolph Police ask that anyone with information about the sign thefts or vehicle break-ins contact them at 973.989.7000.