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Volunteers Receive Recognition and Thanks

Posted: December 6, 2005

The Township of Randolph recently recognized its many volunteers at an evening reception at the municipal building on Millbrook Avenue.

Township Manager John Lovell and Mayor Al Napoliello distributed certificates of appreciation to the many volunteers who serve on local boards and committees. Special recognition went out to the members of the Randolph Bicentennial Committee who spent two years planning the events that celebrated the township’s 200th birthday this year.

Also recognized were employees of Randolph Township with ten, twenty and thirty years of service to our great community.

The township extends its thanks and gratitude to the multitude of volunteers and employees who help make Randolph the community it is today—a community where life is worth living!

2005 Employee Service Anniversaries

30 Years
Marilynne Mazzella
Dean Kazaba

20 Years
Robert Mason
Andrew Thompson

10 Years
Chris Giuliani
Raffaele Carchia
Charles Novak
Neil Caufield
David Stokoe
Michael Donahue
Anne Trevor

2005 Volunteer Recognition

Bicentennial Committee
Donna Brady
Joan Brembs
Gail Catania
George Collict
Louise Cousey
Ruth Crane
Fran DeLucia
Missy Faul
Anita Freeman
Bob Grayson
Jim Guerra c/o Commerce Bank
Pat Hogan
Paul Kull
Sheila Lacouture
John Lovell
Peter Lubrecht
Nancie Ludwig
Caryl McBride
Lisa Mercurio
Al Napoliello
Geoff Price
Marcia Rumsey
Connie Stroh
Ed Tamm
Michael Tasker
Ann Trevor
Joyce Tuman
John Van Brunt
Delia Vince-Cruz
Lee Whildin
Ed Zensinger

Board of Adjustment
Albert Chu
Gilbert Leeds
Wes McKee
Joanne Veech

Board of Assessment
Michael Guadagno

Board of Health
Jane Moore
Arlene Price
Laura Zenes

Community Services
Doris Dolan
Joe Dolan
Sunita Mathur
Judith Stewart

Economic Development
Stuart Brecher
Neil Minsky
Deborah Sprung

Environmental Commission
John Sharples, Jr.
Matt Sprung
Roy Squillario

Library Board
Frances Jerow
Nancy Metz

Open Space Committee
Michael Babyak
William Hughes
Marlene Mazur
Albert Wesley McKee, Esq.
Geoffrey Price
Richard Thomas

Parks Committee
James Grimshaw
Linda Johnson
James Loveys
Anthony Terrezza

Planning Board
Jay Alpert
Peter G. Haase
John Jerow
Ed Metz

Recreation Advisory Committee
Iva Cook
Rich Denunzio
Sue Huston
Ed Metz
Annette Steele
Maureen Finley Wohnsigl

Senior Citizen Advisory Committee
Barbara Anderson
William Armstrong
Theresa Bohm
Wallace Crane
Doris Dolan
Joseph Dolan
Dolores Madison
Helen Perry
Thelma Sellman

Teen Center Oversight Committee
Marion Brooks
Mindy Cohen
Debbie Knothe

Traffic Advisory Committee
Jay Alpert
Cara Holland