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Police: Community Policing

Cops in Shops

As part of the effort to curb underage drinking in Randolph, the police department’s Cops in Shops program partners law enforcement with retailers to deter underage drinking.

Funded by the Department of Justice and administered locally by New Jersey’s Division of Alcohol and Beverage Control, Cops in Shops is a proactive approach which places undercover officers in retail liquor establishments to foil the sale of alcohol to minors as well as to those of legal age who attempt to purchase it for them.

If caught, offenders find themselves talking to a police officer, not a store clerk, about losing their driver’s license, going to court and paying fines. And the penalties are harsh—an arrest can lead to a minimum $500.00 fine and a mandatory six month loss of driving privileges.

Although it is illegal to sell or give alcohol to youths under age 21, they don’t seem to have a hard time getting it…and they often get it from adults.

Parents are urged to take the time to talk with their children about the consequences of underage drinking and the penalties for attempting to illegally purchase alcohol. Our goal is to educate our young people rather than having to take enforcement action against them and it is imperative that parents join us in this effort.