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Police: Community Policing

Security Surveys

In keeping with the our community policing philosophy, the department offers security surveys free of charge to homeowners and businesses in Randolph.

As a means of crime prevention, security surveys take a proactive approach. Used as a primary tool to recognize, appraise and anticipate loss potential, the survey identifies deficiencies or security risks which may exist and then recommends ways in which the property owner can minimize his/her susceptibility to criminal victimization.

Upon making a request for a survey, an officer from the Support Services Unit will set up a date and time to meet you at your property. The officer will perform a visual and physical inspection of the premises and its surroundings in order to evaluate your property from both a crime prevention and security perspective.

Vulnerabilities such as door locks, window locks, exterior lighting, landscaping, alarms, basement entries, garage doors and any other characteristics that may look inviting to a criminal will be assessed. The officer will then sit down with the property owner to go over his findings and make recommendations for steps that can be taken to minimize criminal opportunity.

To arrange to have a security survey conducted, contact the Support Services Unit at 973.989.7021.