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Product Safety

This page displays the latest recalls and product safety news items from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Clicking on a headline will take you to the full article at the CPSC’s website.

Cree Recalls LED T8 Lamps Due to Burn Hazard; Includes T8 Lamps Provided as Replacements in Previous Recall
August 25, 2016 The lamps can overheat and melt.
Mars Retail Group Recalls M&M’S-Branded Jewelry Due to Violation of Lead Standard
August 25, 2016 The jewelry can contain high levels of lead. Lead is toxic if ingested by young children and can cause adverse health issues.
Whirlpool Recalls Microwaves Due to Fire Hazard
August 25, 2016 Internal arcing during use can ignite an internal plastic component, posing a fire hazard.
All Power Portable Generators Recalled by J.D. North America Due to Explosion, Fire and Burn Hazards
August 25, 2016 The fuel tank can leak.
Dorel Juvenile Recalls Safety 1st Strollers Due to Fall Hazard
August 24, 2016 The stroller tray folding mechanism can partially disengage when used with an infant car seat attached to the stroller.
Arctic Cat Recalls Side-by-Side Utility Vehicles Due to Crash Hazard (Recall Alert)
August 23, 2016 The throttle cable can stick and prevent the throttle mechanism from returning to an idle position upon release of the throttle and cause the rider to lose control, posing a crash hazard and risk of injury.
Alex Toys Recalls Infant Building Play Sets Due to Choking Hazard
August 23, 2016 Small parts from Alex building play sets can detach and cause a choking hazard to children.
Crownplace Brands Recalls Kerosene Lamp Burners Due to Burn and Fire Hazards
August 23, 2016 The burner’s threads can disengage, allowing the burner to disconnect from the base.
McDonald’s Recalls “Step-iT” Activity Wristbands Due to Risk of Skin Irritation or Burns
August 23, 2016 The recalled wristbands can cause skin irritation or burns to children.
Xenith Recalls Football Helmets Due to Head Injury Hazard
August 17, 2016 The shells of the football helmets can crack.
Sauder Woodworking Recalls Chest of Drawers Due to Serious Tip-Over Hazard; Sold Exclusively at Walmart.com (Recall Alert)
August 16, 2016 The recalled chests are unstable unless they are properly anchored to the wall.
SpeeCo Recalls Fence Wire Stretchers Due to Laceration Hazard
August 11, 2016 A recoiling wire can be released from the stretcher unexpectedly and strike bystanders.
Dennis East International Recalls Whiskey Glass and Stone Sets Due to Laceration Hazard
August 10, 2016 The whiskey glass can spontaneously break during use.
Shocker Paintball Recalls Paintball Markers Due to Risk of Injury
August 10, 2016 The chamber part assembly can unexpectedly eject from the rear of the marker.
Kohler Power Systems Recalls Portable Generators Due to Shock Hazard
August 9, 2016 The generators have a wiring error, which can result in an electrical shock risk if an electrical device is plugged into the generator.
Flos Recalls Pendant Light Fixtures Due to Risk of Injury
August 9, 2016 The dome on the light fixture can detach and fall unexpectedly.
Brown Jordan Services Recalls Swivel Patio Chairs Due to Fall Hazard; Sold Exclusively at Home Depot
August 9, 2016 The base of the chair can break during normal use, posing a fall hazard.
John Deere Recalls Lawn and Garden Tractors Due to Laceration Hazard (Recall Alert)
August 4, 2016 The reverse implement option (RIO) system can fail, posing a laceration hazard to bystanders. RIO is a safety system that shuts off power to the mower blades when the machine is placed into reverse.
Cinmar Recalls World Magnetic Travel Maps Due To Risk of Magnet Ingestion by Children; Sold Exclusively at Frontgate (Recall Alert)
August 4, 2016 When two or more magnets are swallowed, they can link together inside the intestines and clamp onto body tissues, causing intestinal obstructions, perforations, sepsis and death. Internal injury from magnets can pose serious lifelong health effects.
National Time Fire Alarm Pull Stations Recalled by Signal Communications Due to Failure to Alert Consumers; Sold Exclusively by National Time & Signal (Recall Alert)
August 3, 2016 The pull handle on the fire alarm pull station can break when manually pulled and fail to activate the alarm system.