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Product Safety

This page displays the latest recalls and product safety news items from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Clicking on a headline will take you to the full article at the CPSC’s website.

Hooey Recalls Children’s Sweatshirts with Drawstrings Due to Strangulation Hazard
November 12, 2019 A drawstring in the sweatshirt hood poses a strangulation hazard to children. Drawstrings can become entangled or caught on playground slides, hand rails, school bus doors or other moving objects, posing a significant strangulation hazard to children.
Skylight Recalls Power Adapters Sold with Digital Photo Frames Due to Electrical Shock Hazard (Recall Alert)
November 7, 2019 The power adapter casing can break when plugged into an electrical outlet, exposing its metal prongs, posing an electrical shock hazard.
Skacel Collection Recalls FlipStix Knitting Needles Due to Laceration Hazard
November 6, 2019 The shaft of the knitting needle can split or burst, posing a laceration hazard.
John Deere Recalls Compact Utility Tractors Due to Injury Hazard (Recall Alert)
October 31, 2019 Front cab support bolts that were torqued improperly during manufacturing can fail during a rollover, posing a crushing injury hazard to the operator.
New Port Sales Recalls All-Gloo Craft Glue Due to Failure to Meet Child Resistant Closure Requirements; Poison Hazard to Children
October 31, 2019 The glue contains methanol and poses a poisoning hazard to young children if ingested. The packaging is not child-resistant as required by the Poisoning Prevention Packaging Act.
Kawasaki Motors USA Recalls Lawn Mower Engines Due to Burn and Fire Hazards (Recall Alert)
October 30, 2019 The high pressure fuel line can get damaged causing a fuel leak, posing burn and fire hazards.
Hit Promotional Products Recalls Ceramic Mugs Due to Burn and Laceration Hazards
October 29, 2019 The mugs can crack or break when used with or exposed to hot liquids, posing burn and laceration hazards.
Michaels Recalls Tassel Keychain Mobile Power Banks Due to Fire and Burn Hazards
October 29, 2019 The lithium ion battery in the keychain’s mobile power bank can overheat, posing fire and burn hazards.
Federal Cartridge Recalls Blackhawk Gun Holsters Due to Injury Hazard
October 22, 2019 The holster design can change the position of the safety switch on the firearm without the user knowing it. When this occurs, if the trigger is pulled the gun could fire unexpectedly, posing an injury hazard to the user and bystander.
Soft Play Recalls Spider Climb Playground Climbers Due to Fall Hazard (Recall Alert)
October 18, 2019 The climbing level platforms were designed too far apart, posing a fall hazard to children who can fall climbing from one level to the next.
Carrier Recalls Carrier- and Bryant-Branded Heat Pumps Due to Fire Hazard
October 10, 2019 The fan motor on the heat pumps can fail, causing the units to overheat, posing a fire hazard.
Ronson Brand Tech Torch Recalled by Zippo Due to Fire Hazard
October 8, 2019 The Ronson Tech Torch can continue to produce a flame after the activation trigger is released into the off position, posing a fire hazard.
IKEA Recalls Infant Bibs Due to Choking Hazard
October 8, 2019 The snap on the bibs can detach, posing a choking hazard to young children.
Kawasaki Motors USA Recalls Lawn Mower Engines Due to Burn and Fire Hazards (Recall Alert)
October 8, 2019 The fuel injector can leak excessive amounts of fuel into the engine, posing burn and fire hazards.
Harbor Freight Tools Recalls Gordon Folding Knives Due to Laceration Hazard
October 4, 2019 The locking mechanism can fail to engage on extension of the blade, posing a laceration hazard.
fluidfreeride Recalls Mercane WideWheel Electric Scooters Due to Fall and Injury Hazards (Recall Alert)
October 4, 2019 The brake caliper can fail causing the rider to lose control and suffer serious bodily harm, posing fall and injury hazards.
Fit For Life Recalls SPRI Ultra Heavy Resistance Bands Due to Injury Hazard
October 4, 2019 The rubber resistance bands can separate from the handle and strike consumers, posing an injury hazard.
VIQUA Recalls Solenoid Valve Kits for UV Water Treatment Systems Due to Electrical Shock Hazard
October 3, 2019 Electrical current could leak from the solenoid valve, posing an electrical shock hazard to the user.
Signature Hardware Recalls Bath Stools Due to Fall and Injury Hazards (Recall Alert)
October 3, 2019 The bath stools can break during use, posing fall and injury hazards.
Ridgewood Recalls Four-Drawer Dressers Due to Tip-Over and Entrapment Hazards
October 3, 2019 The recalled dressers are unstable and can tip over if not anchored to the wall, posing serious tip-over and entrapment hazards that can result in death or injuries to children. Additionally, those models of dressers over 30 inches tall do not comply with the performance requirements of the U.S. voluntary industry standard (ASTM F2057-14).