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Product Safety

This page displays the latest recalls and product safety news items from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Clicking on a headline will take you to the full article at the CPSC’s website.

Gold Recalls Eddie Bauer Infant Carriers Due to Fall Hazard; Sold Exclusively at Target
October 16, 2018 The buckles on the infant carriers can break, posing a fall hazard to children.
Abond Group Recalls Tubeez Baby Bath Support Seats Due to Drowning Hazard
October 16, 2018 The bath support seat fails to meet the federal safety standard including the requirements for stability. The bath seat can tip over or an infant can slip underneath the front support, posing a drowning hazard.
Cooper Lighting Recalls Solar/Battery Powered Light Fixtures Due to Fire Hazard
October 11, 2018 The batteries in the solar-powered light fixtures can overheat and cause the light fixture’s housing to melt, posing a fire hazard.
Spiraledge Recalls Yoga Backless Chairs Due to Fall Hazard (Recall Alert)
October 10, 2018 The chairs can break at the seat or back welded support rod connecting the back legs of the chair, posing a fall hazard.
Briggs & Stratton Recalls Portable Generator Fuel Tank Replacement Caps, Due to Fire Hazard
October 10, 2018 The fuel tank replacement caps lack ventilation holes which allow pressure to build up in the fuel tank, posing a fire hazard.
Canyon Recalls Mountain Bikes Due to Crash Hazard (Recall Alert)
October 10, 2018 The chainstays can crack, which can lead to failure of the chainstay, rear wheel detachment and loss of control, posing a crash hazard.
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Recalls Decorative Pineapples Due to Laceration Hazard
October 9, 2018 The metal leaves on top of the pineapples have sharp edges, posing a laceration hazard.
Marker Recalls Kingpin Ski Bindings Due to Fall Hazard
October 9, 2018 The steel pins in the toe unit can break and reduce the release force of the binding, causing a fall hazard.
Metal Playground Climbers Recalled by BCI Burke Due to Strangulation Hazard (Recall Alert)
October 4, 2018 The two welded handgrip locations at the top of the climbers can be too large creating a strangulation hazard. A child’s body could become lodged in these openings, posing a strangulation hazard.
Yamaha Recalls Golf Cars, Personal Transportation and Specialty Vehicles Due to Crash Hazard (Recall Alert)
October 3, 2018 The accelerator pedal return spring can break, posing a crash hazard.
Walmart Recalls Camp Axes Due to Injury Hazard
October 3, 2018 The axe head can detach from the handle, posing an injury hazard.
AAA Innovations Recalls Promotional Cooler/Grills Due to Fire Hazard
October 2, 2018 The wooden cabinet surrounding the grill can catch fire, posing a fire hazard.
UberScientific Recalls Topical Anesthetic Due to Failure to Meet Child Resistant Closure Requirement; Risk of Poisoning
October 1, 2018 The packaging is not child resistant as required by the Poison Prevention Packaging Act. The pain relieving cream and spray contain lidocaine, posing a risk of poisoning to young children if they put it on their skin or ingest it.
Boy Story Recalls Action Dolls Due to Choking Hazard
September 28, 2018 The joints on the vinyl dolls can break, creating broken pieces that pose a choking hazard to young children.
IKEA Recalls Ceiling Lamps Due to Impact and Laceration Hazards
September 27, 2018 The glass shade on the ceiling lamp can detach and fall, posing impact and laceration hazards to consumers.
TerraTrike Recalls Adult Tricycles Due to Crash Hazard
September 27, 2018 The right hand wheel hubmount can bend or break, allowing the user to lose control of the trike, which can result in serious injury or death.
Life Fitness Recalls PowerMill Climber Due to Fire Hazard
September 27, 2018 Electrical arcing can occur if liquid enters the power receptacle at the front of the climbers, resulting in sparking and smoking, posing a fire hazard.
Boy Scouts of America Recalls Neckerchief Slides Due to Violation of Federal Lead Content Ban
September 26, 2018 The colored enamel on the neckerchief slides contains levels of lead that exceed the federal lead content ban. Lead is toxic if ingested by young children and can cause adverse health issues.
September 26, 2018 The fuel hose can crack and fuel can leak from the vehicle, posing a fire hazard.
Provata Health Recalls Promotional Activity Trackers Due to Burn Hazard
September 25, 2018 The activity tracker wristbands can overheat while the user is wearing it or when charging, posing a burn hazard.