Animal Control


Operating under the auspices of the Randolph Township Health Department, animal control enforces all state and municipal regulations related to the animal population in the township. We also provide animal control services for Mendham Township, Mendham Borough, Rockaway Borough, and Dover.

Animal Control Officer Erika Barkman and her staff investigate dog bites, secure roaming pets, remove deceased animals from roadways and provide rescue for sick, mistreated or abandoned animals at the township's animal shelter. Animal control also oversees the operation of the dog park, which opened in May 2002 behind town hall.

Animal Bites

All animal bites must be reported to Randolph Township's Health Department. This is necessary to curb the potential transmission of rabies. To aid the animal control officer in her investigation, try to remember as many details as possible including a description of the animal, time and location of the incident, where the animal went and make note of the name, address and phone number of the animal's owner, if known.

Animal Complaints

The animal control officer will investigate all complaints regarding vicious, harmful, mistreated, neglected or diseased animals. Any complaints or concerns of any kind should be directed to animal control.

Roadside Animals

Residents are asked to notify the animal control officer if they should come across an animal carcass along the roadside or any location where it may present a health hazard. Township staff will respond as soon as possible to remove the deceased animal.

Lost & Found Animals

The Randolph Regional Animal Shelter houses stray animals that have been picked up by animal control officers and lost pets brought in by concerned citizens. If you have lost your pet, please call the shelter at 973-543-9333 and provide the following information:

  • area where last seen
  • color/markings
  • gender
  • license number/tag information
  • pet's name
  • size, weight, age
  • type of animal/breed
  • your name, address and phone

If the phone is unattended when you call, please leave a message clearly stating the above information. Messages are checked remotely when the shelter is closed so please do not hesitate to call outside normal business hours.

If you find an animal or observe one which appears to be stray or loose, first, consider the safety of the animal and yourself. A frightened and possibly sick or injured animal may behave unpredictably. Call the shelter and provide as many details as you are able about the animal as well as contact information for yourself. Try to give the precise area the animal was seen, or streets and landmarks that are nearby, to help identify the approximate location of the animal.