Public Records

Obtaining Records

Under OPRA, the Randolph Township Clerk has been designated as the official custodian of records.

The procedure for obtaining government records is fairly straightforward. It is important to note, however, that you need to know what records you want. For example, the township clerk will be unable to fulfill a request for "all council meeting minutes where the budget was discussed." In order for your request to be processed, you will be required to provide an accurate description for each record sought.

Citizens who wish to obtain government records must file a records request with the township clerk. This is accomplished by completing a form available at the clerk's office. For your convenience, we have also made the Records Request Form (PDF). This is a fillable form which means it can be filled out on your computer and saved to your hard drive and/or printed out. To view and complete it, you will need the freely available Adobe Reader software installed on your computer.


The fees for copies are as follows:

  • Letter size page or smaller: $0.05
  • Legal size page or larger: $0.07

At the discretion of the township clerk, a deposit may be required for large requests. Tapes, maps, hearing transcripts, exhibits, drawings, etc. will be charged based upon the actual cost to the agency for reproduction. The township clerk will inform the requestor of these special charges and elicit agreement in writing prior to reproduction.

Contact the township clerk's office with any questions at 973-989-7041.

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