Fire Department


The Randolph Township Fire Department provides fire suppression, fire code enforcement, and public education services to township residents. The department is served by over 60 active volunteer firefighters who are accessible by pagers and provide 24-hour fire suppression services from four fire stations strategically located throughout the township. Additionally, the department maintains a bureau of fire prevention which enforces New Jersey's Uniform Fire Safety Code. The bureau's staff includes a full-time fire subcode official and two part-time fire inspectors.

The department's four volunteer fire companies are as follows:

  • Fire Company Number 2
    340 Route 10
  • Fire Company Number 3
    Mt. Freedom
    670 Millbrook Avenue
  • Fire Company Number 4
    331 Dover Chester Road
  • Fire Company Number 5
    Shongum Mountain
    W Hanover Avenue and Arrow Place

The Randolph Fire Department is looking for new members. Visit your local fire station any Monday night after 7 pm or email the fire chief with your name, address, and phone number for more information. For more information about volunteering and recruitment, visit

Bureau of Fire Prevention

Staffed by the fire subcode official and two part-time fire inspectors, the bureau conducts annual inspections of all buildings within the township—with the exception of one and two family owner-occupied dwellings - to ensure that they meet all aspects of New Jersey’s Uniform Fire Safety Code. Other duties assigned to the bureau include smoke detector certification inspections, investigation of fire code-related complaints, and the investigation of fires. Additionally, with the assistance of members of the fire department, the bureau also provides a series of public education programs throughout the year.