Can I park my vehicle on the street overnight? What about when snow is falling?

Overnight parking requests will only be considered for short term temporary time frames in which the resident has a legitimate and justified need to park on the street. Examples of legitimate and justified needs are considered to be but not limited to driveway resurfacing/resealing, construction projects and/or visitors from out of town who are staying at the home. Requests for overnight parking will not be considered and/or granted as a simple matter of convenience or for extended periods of time.

Parking on the street is prohibited between 2 am and 6 am every night and at all times when snow is falling. At the discretion of the police department, requests for temporary overnight parking may be granted. Residents must call the department at 973-989-7000 and press "0" to speak with the dispatcher. Do not leave a message in an officer's voice mailbox.

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