What to bring with you when you come?

Both parties must appear in person to apply for the license. You will need to bring copies of your current driver's licenses or passports (cannot be expired), know your social security numbers, and provide proof of residency such as a driver's license, lease, tax return, etc.

Additional documents that are helpful but not required include a copy of your birth certificate to establish your parents' names and related birth information and, if either party has been in a marriage, domestic partnership, or civil union before, a copy of a death certificate, divorce decree, dissolution of civil union or termination of domestic partnership.

A witness also at least 18 years of age who knows both parties must appear with the applicants and swear to the completeness and accuracy of the answers supplied by the applicants.

If the parties cannot come in at the same time, either applicant may complete his/her part of the application and start the waiting period. The other applicant must return with the same witness to complete his/her part of the application. The application must be completed by both parties before the license will be issued.

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