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Randolph Landmarks

The following list of designated municipal landmarks in Randolph has been compiled by the Randolph Township Advisory Environmental and Landmark Committee (successor to the Randolph Township Landmarks Committee). While all of these landmarks are municipal landmarks, some also hold state and national designations.

NH—National Register of Historic Places / SH—New Jersey Register of Historic Places

  1. Walnut Grove M.E. Church
    21 W. Hanover Avenue, Mt. Freedom
    c. 1847
  2. Walnut Grove Baptist Cemetery
    W. Hanover Avenue, Mt. Freedom
    c. 1791
  3. Samuel Allen House
    103 Shongum Road
    c. 1812
  4. Mott Davenport Grist Mill (Part of Mott Hollow Historic District)
    72 Gristmill Road
    c. 1798
  5. Mott Hollow Historic District (NH, SH)
    Millbrook Avenue and Gristmill Road along the Mill Brook
    c. 1800
  6. David Tuttle Cooperage (NH, SH)
    83 Gristmill Road
    c. 1812
  7. Millbrook Methodist Church
    246 Millbrook Avenue
    c. 1833
  8. Millbrook School
    SE corner of (236) Millbrook Avenue and Route 10
    c. 1924
  9. Randolph Friends Meeting House (NH, SH)
    Quaker Church Road and Quaker Avenue
    c. 1758
  10. Searing Cooper House
    189 Quaker Church Road
    c. 1840
  11. Liberty Tree at Dell’s Corner
    SE corner of Quaker Church and Center Grove Road, White Oak
    c. 1720
  12. Brotherton House (Evergreen Cottage)
    52 Center Grove Road
    c. 1876
  13. Mt. Fern United Methodist Church
    448 Quaker Church and Dover Chester Roads
    c. 1883
  14. Moses Sayre Sr. House
    124 Dover Chester Road
    c. 1813
  15. Daniel Lawrence Farmhouse
    180 Dover Chester Road
    c. 1796
  16. D. L. Bryant Distillery (SH)
    1547 Sussex Turnpike
    c. 1869
  17. Ironia Land and Development Company House
    14 Budd Street (Block 16, Lot 2)
    c. 1872
  18. Ironia Land and Development Company House
    Corner of 8 Chester Avenue and Budd Street (Block 16, Lot 2)
  19. Ironia Land and Development Company House
    SE corner of 10 Chester Avenue and Pleasant Hill Road (Block 16, Lot 1)
    c. 1872
  20. Community Church
    185 Park Avenue
    c. 1907
  21. Levi Lewis’ Grist and Saw Mills (Part of Combs Hollow Historic District)
    Combs Hollow Road
    c. 1735
  22. Combs Hollow Historic Area (NH, SH)
    c. 1735 - 1927
  23. Golden Corners House
    NW corner of Pleasant Hill Road and Dover Chester Road
    c. 1826
  24. Henry Pool House
    1337 Sussex Turnpike
    c. 1840
  25. Mt. Freedom Presbyterian Church, Parsonage and Cemetery (NH, SH)
    NE corner of Sussex Turnpike and Church Road
    c. 1826
  26. Daniel Drake House (NH, SH)
    1244 Sussex Turnpike
    c. 1790
  27. McIlrath-Lorey House (Part of Combs Hollow Historic District)
    21 Combs Hollow Road
    c. 1735

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