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Government: Boards/Committees

Board of Health

The advisory Randolph Township Board of Health provides advice to the township council and interfaces with the township’s health officer on a monthly basis.

The board is charged with recommending measures to meet the health needs of the township and those who come in contact with it. The board also reviews proposed ordinances affecting matters of public health and makes reports and recommendations to the township council based on its findings.

The board consists of five regular members, four of whom are residents of the township and one of whom is a licensed physician, plus two alternate members. The regular members serve a three-year term; alternates serve a two-year term. Randolph's health officer serves as an ex officio member of the board.

2021 Board of Health
Committee MemberTerm Ends
Dr. Ronald Millman, President2023
Norma Jacobs, Vice President2021
Dr. John Insinga2021
Dr. Keith Leibowitz2023
Robert Schneiderman2023
Dr. Jacqueline Nisivoccia (Alt. #1)2022
David Ray (Alt. #2)2021
Seraphine Lam (Student Member)6/2023
Samantha Niewiarowski (Student Member)6/2023
Sasha Saltus (Student Member)6/2022
Kaviya Saravanan Sundaram (Student Member)6/2023
James Loveys (Council Liaison)——