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Economic Development Committee

Public-sponsored economic development efforts have traditionally been identified with urban renewal programs. Increasingly, that association is changing and some local governments, like Randolph Township, are developing proactive approaches to maintaining a balanced and vibrant commercial and industrial sector.

In Randolph, the lead agency in this effort is the Randolph Township Economic Development Committee (EDC), whose members are appointed by the township council. The ten volunteer members are charged with promoting opportunities to do business in the township, assisting in the development of reasonable business policies, and researching and monitoring Randolph’s economy.

The aim of the EDC is to promote sound economic development by: acting as a liaison between existing business/industry and township departments; encouraging business and industry to locate in the township; proactively identifying any problems relating to industry and other commercial enterprises; and, recommending pro-business policies, programs and projects to the township council.

The EDC wishes to extend assistance to you and your efforts either to continue to maintain a successful business within the community or in your efforts to establish your business within the community. Visit the Randolph Township Economic Development Committee website.

For a comprehensive guide to business in Randolph, please visit our RandolphLocal website.

Our Mission Statement

To create a more dynamic and enriched community by...

  • Acting as a liaison agent between existing business/industry and the departments of the township and the township council
  • Helping in the development of programs for revitalizing existing business properties and encouraging desirable business and industry to locate in our township
  • Studying problems relating to industry and other commercial enterprises
  • Formulating policies, programs and projects with respect thereto for recommendation to the council
  • Maintaining a business directory website for all Randolph businesses
  • Conducting community surveys and producing a brochure for prospective businesses
  • Planning and sponsoring an awards night each year to honor and recognize exceptional efforts by businesses in the township
2020 Economic Development Committee
Committee MemberTerm Ends
John Ragan, Chairman2022
Helene Elbaum, Vice Chairperson2022
David Ehehalt2022
Milton Hunter2022
Peter Kenny2021
Erica Metz2021
David Podell2020
Matt Tal2020
Dr. Dar Patel (Alt. #1)2020
Dana Tamminga (Alt. #2)2020
Andrew Iglar (Student Member)6/2021
Krisha Shah (Student Member)6/2021
Keshav Sridharan (Student Member)6/2021
Christine Carey (Council Liaison)——