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Government: Public Safety

Emergency Management

Emergency management is the process of coordinating all available resources to serve the needs of the community during times of emergency events, whether due to natural disaster, major storm system, long-term power outage, chemical or hazardous material incident or terrorist threat.

Randolph’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) works to identify and analyze the hazards that may face Randolph and develops contingency plans for each with the goal of protecting lives and property. During a disaster situation, it is the lead agency in coordinating resources in the township and resources that other county and state agencies may supply.

Following Superstorm Sandy in October of 2012, the OEM added generators to key buildings in town and updated Randolph’s policy for providing shelter. The generators—located at the municipal building, library, community center and the public works building—are online and tested monthly.

In addition to town-owned buildings being used for shelters, the township has entered into an agreement with the YMCA which enables us to use their facilities during an emergency situation.

In the wake of an emergency event, the OEM team meets to review and critique response activities to address what did and did not work and to identify ways to improve. Every municipal department takes part in the process and steps up to the plate.