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Ordinance No. 15-08

Introduced: May 1, 2008
Public Hearing: June 5, 2008
Status: Adopted

An ordinance prohibiting right turns on red traffic lights at certain intersections

WHEREAS, pursuant to N.J.S.A.40:48-2, the governing body of a municipality may make, amend, repeal, and enforce such other ordinances, regulations, rules and by-laws not contrary to the laws of this state or of the United States, as it may deem necessary and proper for the good government, order and protection of person and property, and for the preservation of the public health, safety and welfare of the municipality and its inhabitants, and as may be necessary to carry into effect the powers and duties conferred and imposed by this subtitle, or by any law; and

WHEREAS, the Township of Randolph desires to prohibit right turns on red traffic lights at certain intersections; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Governing Body of the Township of Randolph, County of Morris, State of New Jersey as follows:

SECTION ONE. Right turns on red traffic lights are hereby prohibited at the following intersections:

(1) From Pleasant Hill Road onto Dover Chester Road (County Road 513).

SECTION TWO. All Ordinances of the Township of Randolph which are inconsistent with the provisions of this Ordinance are hereby repealed as to the extent of such inconsistency.

SECTION THREE. If any section, subsection, clause, or phrase of this Ordinance is for any reason held to be unconstitutional or invalid by any Court of competent jurisdiction, such decision shall not affect the remaining portions of this Ordinance.

SECTION FOUR. This Ordinance shall take effect upon publication after final passage and at such time when approval is received from the New Jersey Department of Transportation.


Donna Marie Luciani, Township Clerk


Allen M. Napoliello


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that an Ordinance entitled “An Ordinance Prohibiting Right Turns On Red Traffic Lights At Certain Intersections” was submitted in writing at a regular meeting of the Mayor and Council of the Township of Randolph, County of Morris, State of New Jersey, held on May 1, 2008 and was introduced, read by title and passed on first reading. A Statement of Purpose of the Ordinance is contained below. The Governing Body of the Township of Randolph will further consider the Ordinance for second reading and final passage thereof at their regular meeting to be held on June 5, 2008 at 8 p.m. prevailing time, at the Municipal Building, 502 Millbrook Avenue, Randolph, New Jersey 07869, at which time and place a public hearing will be heard thereon by the Governing Body and all parties in interest and citizens shall have an opportunity to be heard concerning said Ordinance.

Statement of Purpose of Ordinance

The purpose of the above Ordinance is to prohibit right turns on red traffic lights from southbound on Pleasant Hill Road to westbound on Dover Chester Road.

A copy of the full Ordinance is available to any member of the general public, without cost, at the Township of Randolph, Municipal Building, Millbrook Avenue, Randolph, New Jersey, at the Office of the Township Clerk, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Donna Marie Luciani, Township Clerk
Township of Randolph
County of Morris, State of New Jersey