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Parks Advisory Committee

The Randolph Township Parks Advisory Committee acts in an advisory capacity to the township council on matters relating to the use and development of open space areas available within the township.

The committee reviews, plans for and advises the council on the development, redevelopment, maintenance, use and control of open space, parkland and bikeways owned or otherwise available for use by the township. Additionally, it coordinates its activities and cooperates with other committees whose responsibilities are similarly related to the environment, open space and recreation.

The committee meets with the Randolph Township Recreation Advisory Committee twice a year to discuss matters of common concern.

2023 Parks Advisory Committee
Committee MemberTerm EndsTerm Length
Mike Dziomba12/31/243 years
Travis Ruffo12/31/243 years
Sheila Bell-Helmke12/31/253 years
Paul O'Malley, Chair12/31/243 years
Janet McMillan12/31/233 years
Sandy Weber, Vice Chair12/31/233 years
Laura O'Connor12/31/233 years
Christine Brembs12/31/233 years
Sue Huston, Recreation Liaison12/31/231 year
Conner Cafero, Student6/30/232 years
Councilmember Joanne Veech, Council Liaison