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Recreation Advisory Committee

The Randolph Township Recreation Advisory Committee develops and recommends to the township council a year-round program of recreational activities for all township residents to be administered by the Randolph Township Department of Parks & Recreation.

Further, it develops both short-term and long-range plans with regard to present and future recreation needs of the township for purposes of making recommendations to the parks committee.

The committee meets with the Randolph Township Parks Advisory Committee twice a year to discuss matters of common concern.

2023 Recreation Advisory Committee
Committee MemberTerm EndsTerm Length
Joseph Nazzaro, Chair12/31/243 years
Steve Fogel12/31/243 years
Phil Sheehy12/31/253 years
Vic Viscomi, Vice Chair12/31/243 years
Joe Faranetta12/31/253 years
Sue Huston12/31/233 years
Dan Limone12/31/233 years
Robert Kral12/31/231 year
Michael Jordan12/31/231 year
Michael Bryant12/31/231 year
Brandon Minde12/31/231 year
Howard Hessel, Alt. #112/31/20231 year
Jesse Glauberg, Student6/30/232 year
Giacomo Lenge, Student6/30/242 year
Councilmember Hathaway, Council Liaison