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Government: Boards/Committees

Board of Adjustment
The board of adjustment hears development applications that are not in compliance with the zoning regulations.
Board of Health
The advisory Randolph Township Board of Health provides advice to the township council and interfaces with the township’s health officer on a monthly basis. The board is charged with recommending measures to meet the health needs of the township.
Economic Development Committee
The Randolph Township Economic Development Committee acts as a liaison agent between existing business/industry and the departments of the township and the township council.
Environmental and Landmark Committee
The Randolph Township Advisory Environmental and Landmark Committee lends oversight to the protection, development and use of open space and natural resources within the township and the protection, enhancement and preservation of township sites and structures with historical, architectural or cultural significance.
Library Trustees
The board of trustees for the Randolph Township Free Public Library oversees library operations.
Municipal Alliance Committee
The Randolph Municipal Alliance Committee (MAC) was established in 1989 with the goal of combatting alcoholism and drug abuse in the community.
Parks Advisory Committee
The Randolph Township Parks Advisory Committee acts in an advisory capacity to the township council on matters relating to the use and development of open space areas available within the township.
Planning Board
The planning board hears subdivision and site plan applications that are generally in accordance with the township’s land development regulations
Recreation Advisory Committee
The Randolph Township Recreation Advisory Committee develops and recommends to the township council a year-round program of recreational activities for all township residents to be administered by the Department of Parks & Recreation.
Traffic Advisory Committee
The Randolph Township Traffic Advisory Committee works to identify and resolve traffic problems and issues in various sections of the township.
Trails Advisory Committee
The Randolph Township Trails Advisory Committee serves as an advisory board to the township council on the use, development and maintenance of the township trail system as well as the implementation of the trails master plan.
Wildlife Management Advisory Committee
This committee was created in August of 2012 to serves as the advisory board to the township council on deer control programs.