502 Millbrook Avenue, Randolph, NJ 07869-3799
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Government: Public Safety

Emergency Management
Randolph’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM), which coordinates with the police department, works to identify and analyze the hazards that may face Randolph and develops contingency plans for each hazard with the goal of protecting lives and property.
Fire Department
The Randolph Township Fire Department provides fire suppression, fire code enforcement and public education services to township residents.
Rescue Squad
The Randolph Rescue Squad is a non-profit, volunteer-supported organization funded largely by donations received from the residents of Randolph.
Swift911 Emergency Notification System
All existing landline telephone numbers (both listed and unlisted) are already in the SwiftReach notification database. If you would like to provide additional methods of contact, update your information or remove yourself entirely, please utilize the form on this page.