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Government: Township Agencies

Community Services
The Randolph Township Community Services Department coordinates a wealth of recreational programs and support services on a year-round basis for the township’s senior citizens, handicapped adults and others requiring special assistance.
Construction Codes
The Randolph Township Office of Construction Codes exists to keep our community safe and free of any code violations.
The Randolph Township Division of Engineering is responsible for planning and overseeing all public improvements and municipal construction projects within Randolph.
The Randolph Township Department of Finance provides for the coordination of all the township’s fiscal operations and oversees all financial activities associated with the township’s water and sewer enterprises.
The Randolph Township Health Department is on a mission…to keep you healthy!
Parks & Recreation
The Randolph Township Department of Parks and Recreation is dedicated to enhancing the quality of family life, the feeling of neighborliness and the sense of community throughout the township for a diverse and growing population.
Planning/Zoning oversees Randolph’s land use ordinances, policies and procedures governing all development within the township and serves as a central point for coordinating construction and land development activities.
Public Works
The Randolph Township Department of Public Works provides a variety of services through the Division of Public Roads, Vehicle Maintenance & Recycling and the Division of Sewer & Water.
Water & Sewer
The Randolph Township Division of Water and Sewer performs maintenance operations for the township’s sewer and water networks through the Randolph Township Division of Engineering.