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Township Clerk

The office of the township clerk, staffed by a township clerk, a deputy clerk and support personnel, serves three broad functions:

  • serves as secretary to the township council
  • coordinates general, local and board of education elections
  • issues a variety of local licenses and permits

Acting as secretary to the governing body, the township clerk maintains all records with regard to the township’s local ordinances, resolutions and public proceedings. This office prepares the minutes for all township council meetings, processes, records and files ordinances and resolutions, and arranges for legal advertising of ordinances and official documents.

As the township’s election official, the township clerk handles voter registration, accepts petitions for vacancies in local elected offices, furnishes materials for local and board of education elections, selects polling areas and calculates and maintains custody of election results. Voter Information »

The township clerk also serves as Randolph’s licensing and permitting official, issuing the requisite documentation for the following:

As the steward of the township’s records, the township clerk is also a major source of information for residents. As such, open public record requests are processed through this office.