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Because agenda items can be added, deleted or changed right up until the start of each meeting, this agenda may not reflect the final document. Official copies of agendas may be obtained from the township clerk.

Agenda: April 5, 2007

  1. 8:00 p.m.—Opening of Regular Meeting, Roll Call, Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Approval of Minutes of _______________
  3. Open to Public
  4. Council and Manager Reports
  5. Ordinances
    1. Second Reading and Public Hearing
      1. Ordinance #4-07: Ratifying a Revised Agreement Between the Township of Randolph and the Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority for the Provision of Water—carried from March 1, 2007
      2. Ordinance #6-07: Amending Chapter 8, Animals of the Revised Ordinances of the Township of Randolph
      3. Ordinance #7-07: Amending Ordinance #32-05 Fee Schedule
    2. Introduction
      1. Amending Land Development Ordinance to Facilitate the Provision of Affordable Housing in the Third Housing Cycle in Connection with Residential and Non-Residential Development and Amending the Development Fee Ordinance
      2. An Ordinance Delegating Authority to Approve the Granting of Raffle and Bingo Licenses to the Township Clerk
      3. Amend Land Development Ordinance—OL Zone Standards and Zoning Map Changes
  6. Combined Action Resolutions
    1. Refunds/Adjustments Resolutions
      1. Refund Outside Tax Sale Certificate #1859 held by Crusader Servicing Corp. for Block 81.06, Lot 16 to Crusader Servicing Corp.—$35,891.79
      2. Refund overpayment of taxes for Block 73, Lot 66 to Emery Capital Partners—$5,660.00
    2. Dedication-by-rider for collection of sales and use tax
    3. Dedication-by-rider for Police Off-Duty
    4. Amending banks designated for the purpose of depositories in 2007
    5. Authorizing an Award on the Contract for the Purchase and Installation of Trees As-Needed Basis from April 15, 2007 to April 14, 2008
    6. Raffle—On-premise Tricky Tray, May 18, 2007, 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. at The Greek Orthodox Community Center of Randolph, 1447 Sussex Tpke., Randolph, NJ
  7. Open to Public
  8. Council and Manager Comments
  9. Executive
  10. Adjournment