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Because agenda items can be added, deleted or changed right up until the start of each meeting, this agenda may not reflect the final document. Official copies of agendas may be obtained from the township clerk.

Agenda: April 7, 2011

  1. Open Public Meeting Act
  2. Roll Call
  3. Pledge of Allegiance
  4. Open to the Public
  5. Council & Manager Reports
  6. 2011 Municipal Budget
    1. Resolution permitting a self-examination
    2. Resolution amending the introduced budget
    3. Public Hearing 2011 Municipal Budget
    4. Adoption 2011 Municipal Budget
  7. Ordinances
    1. Second Reading
      1. Ordinance #04-11: Amendment to Traffic Code—Longview Parking
      2. Ordinance #05-11: Bond Ordinance—$3.6 Million Funding the Construction of a DPW/Board of Education Shared Vehicle Maintenance Building on Sussex Turnpike
    2. Introduction
      1. Amend Fee Schedule
      2. Amend Land Use Fees—Applications and Review Sign/Banner Permits, etc.
  8. Hearings for Person-to-Person Liquor License Transfers
    1. 1380 Sussex Turnpike—Continued from February 24
  9. Combined Action/Resolutions
    1. Refund Outside Tax Sale Certificate #1911 to CCTS Capital LLC—$21,238.60
    2. Refund Outside Tax Sale Certificate #1920 to JN Properties—$3,072.42
    3. Professional Services Agreement: Robert Michaels Associates—General Planning Services—$4,000.00
    4. Professional Services Agreement: EcolSciences, Inc.—Soil Disposal and UST Investigations at 42 Bennett Avenue—$28,988.00
    5. Urging Governor and Legislature to Exempt the Reserve for Uncollected Taxes from the Levy Cap
    6. Petition to Extend Licensed Premises—JT McQ’s (L&W Liquors Inc.) 540 Route 10 West, May 21, 2011—St. Baldrick’s Foundation
    7. Refund Tax Certificate—US Bank-Cust/SASS—9 Radtke Rd—$101,528.08
    8. Authorize Change Order 1—Milling and Resurfacing of South Road
    9. Open Public Records Act Recommendations
    10. Professional Services Agreements for Arthur Thibault—Special Legal Counsel to the Police Department
      1. General Services for 2011—$13,000.00
      2. Police Officer Disciplinary Matter—$5,000.00
      3. Final Amendment for 2010—General Services—$2,032.75
    11. Award Fire Truck
    12. Re-establish the Municipal Alliance Committee and Providing for the Appointment of its Members
  10. Open to the Public
  11. Council Comments
  12. Executive Session
  13. Adjournment