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Because agenda items can be added, deleted or changed right up until the start of each meeting, this agenda may not reflect the final document. Official copies of agendas may be obtained from the township clerk.

Agenda: August 4, 2011

  1. Opening of Regular Meeting
  2. Roll Call
  3. Pledge of Allegiance
  4. Presentation of individuals seeking appointment to fill the unexpired term of Judge Algeier (term August 4 through December 31, 2011)
    1. Joann Veech
    2. Robert Sesko
    3. Mark Forstenhausler
  5. Appointment and Swearing-In of new Council Member
  6. Appointment and Swearing-In of Sgt. Neil Caufield
  7. Presentation—Deer Hunting Committee:
    1. Plan to Parks Committee
    2. Deer Control Subcommittee memo
    3. Hunt Smart Card
  8. Open to the Public
  9. Council & Manager Reports
  10. Ordinance—Second Reading (advertised for 8 p.m.)
    1. Ordinance #17-11: Amending Sections of the Land Development Ordinance—Outdoor Dining/B-1, “Neighborhood Business” Zone
    2. Ordinance #18-11: Amend Fee Schedule—Water Rates
    3. Ordinance #19-11: Distribution of Handbills in Public Places and on Private Property
  11. Discussion Items
    1. Mendham Township Shared Service: Seeing Eye Property, India Brook Map, Heritage Seeing Eye Map, Conservation Resources, Inc., Shared Services Agreement, Mendham Resolution and Mendham execution of understanding
    2. Outdoor Dining—B Zones other than B-1 Neighborhood Business District
    3. Stonybrook Day Camp Lease
    4. Set date to recognize former Council member Judge Algeier
  12. Combined Action—Refund/Adjustment Resolutions
    1. Authorizing Mayor to sign letter to Mendham regarding Animal Control/Seeing Eye Property
    2. Authorizing the Preliminary Expense for a Generator upgrade—not to exceed $15,000
    3. Awarding a Professional Services Agreement to Strunk-Albert Engineering for generator design for municipal building—$10,650.00
    4. Authorization of an award of contracts by coin-toss for MCCPC—25 to Mooney General Paper Co. and 40 to Guard Line Fire Safety, Inc.
    5. Rescind a portion of MCCPC Contract 40 with Guard Line Fire & Safety, Inc. and re-award item 42 to Firefighter One, LLC
    6. Rescind a portion of MCCPC Contract for Contract 25 with Mooney-General Paper Company for item 30.
    7. Refund 2011 Advanced Performers Workshop registration to Janet Pollio—$500.00
    8. Authorizing Professional Services Agreement with Charles Schaffer Associates for construction administration with regard to the DPW Garage and Site Work—not to exceed $25,000.
    9. Revised Shared Services Agreement with Board of Education for DPW Garage
    10. Authorizing Award of Professional Services Agreement for Appraisal Services in Defense of Tax Appeals to Appraisal Consultants Corp.—not to exceed $30,000
    11. Refund escrow funds to Westside Grill Partners (Stonefire Grill)—$1,310
    12. Authorizing Award of Professional Services Agreement to the Buzak Law Group for legal services regarding an appeal for MCCPC—not to exceed $20,000.
    13. Authorizing Award of Professional Services Agreement to Jaman Engineering for locating monitoring well locations at 42 Bennett Ave.—not to exceed $5,000
    14. Release of Police Detail Escrow for High Point Utilities ($71.00) and Schifano Construction Corp. ($3,550.00).
    15. Authorizing purchases from New Jersey State Contract T2789 for Bucket Truck—not to exceed $40,000
    16. Authorizing Purchases from MCCPC Contract 6—Road Resurfacing as needed—not to exceed $750,000
    17. Authorizing Award of Contract for to Reliable Wood Products for Leaf Loading and Hauling Services from October 2011 through February 2012 $8.90 per cubic yard.
    18. Refund registration for 2011 Day Camp to Yuliana Ospina for $932.00
    19. Authorizing an award of contract to Saint Clare’s Hospital, Inc. for emergency medical services and medical transportation for uninsured patients at no cost.
    20. Accept resignation of Municipal Prosecutor Michael Cresitello, Jr.
    21. Release Road Opening Cash bond for 12 Red Barn Lane—to Exeter Remodeling—$500.00
    22. Release Road Opening Cash bond for 37 Radtke Road to Bednar Landscape—$500.00
    23. Authorizing purchases from MCCPC Contract 37 for Traffic Signal Maintenance and Repairs from Jen Electric not to exceed—$45,00
    24. Freedom Park Light
    25. Raffle License, Tricky Tray, Friends of the Randolph Animal Pound, on October 1, 2011, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., at the Township of Randolph, 502 Millbrook Ave., Randolph, NJ
  13. Appointment to fill Municipal Prosecutor Vacancy from August 4 to December 31, 2011
  14. Open to the Public
  15. Council Comments
  16. Executive Session
    1. MCMUA Water Allocation Agreement
    2. Employee Collective Bargaining Negotiations
  17. Adjournment