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Because agenda items can be added, deleted or changed right up until the start of each meeting, this agenda may not reflect the final document. Official copies of agendas may be obtained from the township clerk.

Agenda: December 7, 2006

Recognition of council members Jon Huston and Jim Manning, as well as volunteers serving on boards and committees, begins at 5:30 p.m.

  1. 8:00 p.m.—Opening of Regular Meeting, Roll Call, Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Presentation: Proclamation to Hebrew Academy—Blue Ribbon Award
  3. Swearing In Ceremony: Patrol Officer Joseph Serrecchia and Patrol Officer Brian McGaughran
  4. Council and Manager Reports
  5. Open to Public
  6. Presentation by the Advisory Pool Committee
  7. Ordinances
    1. Second Reading and Public Hearing
      1. Ord. #____ Amending Fee Schedule to Increase License Fees for Legalized Games of Chance
  8. Combined Action Resolutions
    1. Refunds/Adjustments Resolutions
      1. Refund Road Opening Cash Bond for Block 129 Lot 2 to Robert Ricciotti—$300.00
      2. Refund Road Opening Cash Bond for Block 92, Lot 61 to Kim Robson—$300.00
      3. Release Escrow funds for Block 99, Lot 5 to Sal Campo of SJC Builders—$748.00
      4. Release Escrow Funds for Block 92, Lot 7 to Sal Campo of SJC Builders—$742.36
      5. Release Escrow Funds for Block 117, Lot 1 to Luigi Catizone—$1,000
      6. Release Escrow Funds for Block 45, Lot 25 to New Cingular Wireless PCS—$7,382.50
      7. Release Escrow Funds for Block 195, Lot 20 to 2005 Dover Associates—$1,797.50
      8. Release Escrow Funds for Block 137, Lot 29 to Randolph Oil Holdings—$6.75
      9. Refund Overpayment of taxes by duplicate payment for Block 225, Lot 9 to Eric/Lauren Bachnheimer—$161.86
      10. Refund Overpayment of Taxes due to reduction of assessed valuation for 2006 for Block 42, Lot 118—DeMarco/High Grade Beverage $9,358.81
      11. Release Police Detail Escrow Funds to various locations—$3,480.
      12. Refund overpayment of 2006 taxes by reason of duplicate tax payment or Veteran deduction to various residents.
      13. Refund escrow for Block 146, Lot 52 to Verge/Coloff—$770.50
      14. Refund escrow funds from Block 49, Lot 25 to John Sweeney—$659.61
      15. Refund road opening cash bond for connecting to the catch basin at block 3, lot 199.03—$250.00
      16. Refund water usage and hydrant meter deposit for Randolph High School at 511 Millbrook Avenue—$100.00
    2. 2006 Budget Transfer
    3. Cancellation of 2006 Budget Appropriation—Water and Sewer, Other Expenses (painting of Water Tower)—$50,000
    4. Health Education: Pandemic Flu Preparedness—Consultant Contract between Randolph Township and Arlene Stoller.
    5. Authorizing an Award of 30 Contracts for MCCPC for purchases and services on as-needed basis in 2007
    6. Authorizing an Award for Preventive Maintenance/Repair of Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Equipment—$55,325.00
    7. Amending Professional Services Agreement with Robert Michaels & Associates in order to satisfy request by COAH in relation to Township’s Housing Plan—not to exceed $4,500.
  9. Council and Manager Comments
  10. Open to Public
  11. Executive
  12. Adjournment