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Because agenda items can be added, deleted or changed right up until the start of each meeting, this agenda may not reflect the final document. Official copies of agendas may be obtained from the township clerk.

Agenda: September 6, 2007

  1. 8:00 p.m.—Opening of Regular Meeting, Roll Call, Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Approval of Minutes of July 12, 2007 and August 7, 2007
  3. Open to Public
  4. Council & Manager Reports
  5. Ordinances
    1. Second Reading and Public Hearing
      1. Ordinance #4-07: Ratifying a Revised Agreement between the Township of Randolph and Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority for the Provision of Water (carried from August 7 to be carried to October 2)
      2. Ordinance #25-07: Rezone Block 79, Lot 5 PO/R to R/PO (carried from August 7)
      3. Ordinance #26-07: Specify the Buffer Dimensional Requirements Applicable to the R/PO and B-2ENV zones (carried from August 7)
      4. Ordinance #27-07: Accepting the Dedication of Block 21, Lot 32.08 as Open Space from Rolling Hill Company see Council letter 28-07
      5. Ordinance #28-07: Amending Chapter 15 Land Development Ordinance Definition of Outdoor Storage
    2. Ordinance Introduction
      1. Amending Chapter 2 Administration—Emergency Report Coordinator
  6. Combined Action Resolution
    1. Refunds/Adjustments Resolutions
      1. Refund Road Opening Cash Bond for Block 56, Lot 37 to Florence Guest—$300.00
      2. Refund Road Opening Cash Bond for Block 17, Lot 19 to K. Mark Wedemyer—$300.00
      3. Refund Road Opening Cash Bond for Block 51, Lot 16 to Peak Development—$250.00
      4. Refund Temporary Stabilization Bond for Block 51, Lot 16 to Peak Development
      5. Release remaining developer’s escrow for Block 128, Lot 4 to Philomena Milano—$581.50
      6. Release remaining developer’s escrow funds for Block 133, Lot 2 to George Szatkowski—$341.75
      7. Release remaining balance on banner permit to Ronald and Ann Gresko, Soccer Evolution—$100.00
      8. Release remaining developer’s escrow funds for Block 154, Lot 16 to Ava and Gary Marks—$743.50
      9. Release deposit for fire hydrant to Fernbrook Landscaping—$100.00
      10. Release remaining Day Camp balance to Michael Kral—$208.57
      11. Refund Tax Sale Certificate #1847 to Norman & Luba, LLC—$244,257.07
      12. Refund Outside Tax Sale Certificate #1828 for Block 44, Lot 7, to Lien Times, L.L.C.
    2. Supporting designation of the National Incident Management System (NIMS)
    3. Amending Professional Services Agreement with Bond Counsel John L. Kraft who is joining a new legal team.
    4. Authorizing Award of MCCPC Contract #13B to Absolute Fire Protection Company
    5. Authorizing Rescission of 2007 MCCPC Contract #25 with Allen Paper and Re-Awarding to Mooney General Paper Company and Bio-Shine
    6. 2007 Budget Amendments:
      1. Obey the Signs or Pay the Fines Grant—$4,000.00
      2. 2007 Clean Communities Program—$2,975.07
      3. Click It or Ticket 2007 Grant—$4,000.00
      4. Alcohol Education Enforcement Fund Grant—$958.47
      5. Child Passenger Safety Education Grant—$2,712.00
      6. Conservation/Preservation of Township Documents—$2,000.00
    7. Authorizing Award of Portion of MCCPC—Landscaping Materials to Grinnell Recycling, Inc.
    8. Cancel Grant on Receivable and Reserve Balances
    9. Authorizing the Rescission of MCCPC Contract #51 (deer carcass removal) with D & N Animal Recovery Services and Authorizing the Re-Awarding to Deer Carcass Removal Service LLC
    10. Raffles
      1. Off-premise 50/50 Raffle, December 9, 2007, 4:00 p.m. at the Randolph High School, Millbrook Avenue, Randolph, NJ
      2. On-premise Raffle, Employment Horizons, October 18, 2007, Meadow Wood Manor, 461 Rte. 10 East, Randolph, NJ 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.
      3. Application for Social Affair Permit, Randolph Chemical Engine Co. #2, 340 Route 10, Randolph, NJ, October 4, 2007 from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.
    11. Award contract to purchase one 9.6 Cubic-Yard regenerative air vacuum street sweeper and catch basin cleaner.
    12. Authorize Agreement with YMCA to provide program for MAC “Community Rap.”
    13. Authorizing the Award of Professional Service Contract to Richard Cushing, Esq. as a Hearing Officer for Personnel Matters—$155 per hour
  7. Discussion
    1. Sussex Turnpike
    2. Hunting—James Andrews County Park
    3. E.A. Porter—42 Bennett Avenue
    4. Randolph Garden Center/Noise Ordinance (County Environmental Health Act)
    5. Council legal appointments in compliance with Defense Indemnification Ordinance
    6. Echo Lane (hold for 9/20 agenda)
    7. Selection of Consulting Engineering—design of Butterworth Interceptor Improvements (hold for 9/20 agenda)
    8. Garden Apartment Escrows—Council Letter #31-07 (hold for 9/20 agenda)
  8. Open to Public
  9. Council Comments
  10. Executive
    1. Litigation—Timothy L. Freeman et al. vs. Donna Marie Luciani, Clerk et al.
    2. Randolph Industrial Park Complex Tax Appeal
    3. Personnel—Council ltr. #29-07
    4. Unauthorized Consumption of Water—Claim—Council ltr. #32-07
    5. Telecommunicators’ Contract
    6. Litigation—Randolph Mountain
    7. Litigation—Learning Experience
  11. Adjournment