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All meeting minutes posted on the township website are unofficial minutes. Official copies of minutes may be obtained from the township clerk.

Minutes: February 23, 2012

A work session of the Randolph Township Council was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Mayor Guadagno. This meeting is held pursuant to the New Jersey Open Public Meetings Act. Adequate notice of the meeting has been provided by posting written notice of the time, date, location and, to the extent known, the agenda of the meeting in Randolph Township. This notice was posted on the Bulletin Board within Town Hall, it was filed with the Township Clerk, and it was provided to those persons or entities requesting notification. Notice was also provided to the Randolph Reporter and the Morris County Daily Record on December 5, 2011, by emailing them the annual resolution adopted by the Council on December 1, 2011. The annual resolution, which included this meeting date, was advertised in the Randolph Reporter, the official newspaper of the Township of Randolph, and in the Morris County Daily Record on December 8, 2011.

Councilman Loveys (left the meeting at 7:50 p.m.)
Councilwoman Mitsch
Councilman Napoliello
Councilman Obremski
Councilwoman Veech
Deputy Mayor MacArthur
Mayor Guadagno

Also Present: Township Manager John Lovell and Township Attorney Edward Buzak

Mayor Guadagno led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Judith Stewart, 114 Everdale Road, reported that the School Board presented their tentative budget and will be providing a budget presentation to the Council on March 29. Mrs. Stewart reiterated her desire to see the Council adopt an ordinance banning smoking within 50 feet of children on public property due to the harmful effects.

Seeing no one further from the public, the public portion was closed.


Manager Lovell reported that the Community Center and Library projects should be finished in late June. A final overlay of the parking lot will be completed later in the summer. The Manager has communicated to the owner of the company in charge of building the new DPW facility that the project must be finished on time by June 1 with no delays. Manager Lovell noted that he is pleased with the renovations and repairs made to the lower level of the VFW building. The booster pump station in the Long Hill section is finally operational and the affected residents should now enjoy excellent water pressure. Sewer work on Sussex Turnpike will begin again on mid-March.


Morris County Affordable Housing Corporation—MC Community Development & HOME Investment Partnership Program Grant Application

Manager Lovell stated that Randolph has enjoyed a long and positive relationship with the Morris County Housing Authority as well as with the Morris County Affordable Housing Corporation and their attorney.

Mr. Henshaw, the attorney representing the Morris County Affordable Housing Corporation, made the following comments:

  • The Morris County Affordable Housing Corporation is a non-profit subsidiary of the Housing Authority
  • It was formed a number of years ago to take advantage of funding sources that are not available to the Housing Authority as a statutory entity
  • They have identified a piece of property immediately alongside the Housing Authority project on Franklin Road and have purchased the tax sale certificate that was issued on that lot due to unpaid taxes
  • The foreclosure process is almost complete and they expect to own the lot very shortly
  • They are applying to the HOME Investment Partnership Program through the County of Morris for a $350,000.00 grant to build a two-dwelling unit two-bedroom building on that site
  • These would be rental units and COAH eligible
  • The Housing Authority will provide rental assistance payments
  • Maintenance and responsibility for the care of the units remains with Morris County Affordable Housing Corporation
  • They will need to appear before the Zoning Board to seek approvals

Manager Lovell reminded the Council that their function is to act as a public forum this evening. Morris County will be the entity to review and approve the grant application.

Councilwoman Veech asked why they must go before the Board of Adjustment.

Mr. Henshaw responded that the property is zoned R-3 so they will need a density variance.


The Council reviewed the proposed agenda and there were no comments.


Councilwoman Veech made a motion to approve the Combined Action Item. Councilman Loveys seconded the motion, and the following roll call vote was taken:

Councilman Loveys
Councilwoman Mitsch
Councilman Napoliello
Councilman Obremski
Councilwoman Veech
Deputy Mayor MacArthur
Mayor Guadagno

NAYS: None

(1) Raffle License, On-Premise 50/50, Center Grove PTO, March 29, 2012, 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., at 25 Schoolhouse Road, Randolph


(1) Water and Sewer Budget

Manager Lovell noted that when he first came to Randolph, he felt that there was not enough attention being given to the water and sewer infrastructures and how things have changed since that time. Mr. Carchia is doing a very good job of aggressively going into the field and dealing with major issue that are critical to these two systems.

Mr. Carchia’s comments included the following:

  • His department has designed the entire site for the Senior Center, the Public Works facility and provided design and project management
  • They have managed the Sussex Turnpike sewer project
  • Demolition and clean-up at the Cohn Farm was overseen by his department
  • The department gets involved with just about everything that goes on pertaining to construction in Randolph Township
  • An asset management approach is being utilized in the water and sewer systems to prevent degradation of the systems
  • Investments need to be made now and in the future
  • The water distribution system is strictly a distribution system—Randolph does not do any water treatment
  • The MUA provides sewage treatment
  • One of the biggest components of the water system is a water tank on Old Brookside Road that was refurbished in 2009
  • There are also four interconnections—2 with Denville and 2 with Dover
  • There are approximately 130 miles of potable water mains in Randolph Township
  • We utilize 10 pressure reducing valves throughout the township—these are valves that are below the surface that are used to regulate pressure in areas where there is a big elevation difference
  • There are approximately 1,000 fire hydrants that are maintained throughout the township
  • Part of their daily operations include checking fire hydrants, checking pressure reducing valves, performing leak detection, inspecting the water tank, changing water meters, making water main repairs—a vast number of tasks to ensure the system is operating and functioning properly
  • All of these things have an impact on the budget
  • A study was done last year evaluating all of the pressure reducing valves and recommendations have been made regarding upgrades and adjustments
  • Significant upgrades must be performed and new installations made
  • Poorly functioning valves could cause pressures downstream, could tax the system, and could lead to pipes breaking and leaking
  • Water meters over time tend to under-register
  • Larger meters are more expensive, but can provide more accurate reads
  • The department is in the process of performing leak detection through the entire system
  • The sewer system is a collection system and no sewage is treated in Randolph Township
  • All of the sewage goes to either the Butterworth Treatment Plan in Morris township or the Rockaway Valley Sewage Authority
  • There are approximately 75 miles of sanitary sewer mains, 8 sewage pumping stations and associated force mains, and 1,900 sanitary sewer manholes
  • Two sanitary sewer flow meters are operated and maintained to monitor the flow to the Butterworth Treatment Plant
  • One initiative the department has undertaken is an infiltration and inflow study
  • Extraneous flow makes the system work harder than it has to
  • On a daily basis all of the pump stations need to be monitored
  • One of the biggest parts of operations and maintenance are the pumping facilities
  • The DEP is very stringent on how the stations are operated and Randolph must be proactive

Questions and comments from the Council include the following:

  • Is Randolph looking to expand the water system (while Randolph is about to undertake an update to the 2002 Water Master Plan, there is no ability to expand the system except through special assessments)
  • Does Randolph service part of Mendham (yes)
  • Is there any compensation that can be made to homeowners who own a sprinkling system that can not be programmed to comply with the odd/even watering days

Manager Lovell noted the following budget items:

  • $50,000.00 for large meter replacements
  • $35,000.00 for a meter at the County College of Morris
  • Phase I of the Butterworth Interceptor project is close and he hopes to get Phase II moving this year
  • $100,000.00 has been placed in the budget for the infiltration inflow repairs
  • He would like to place money in the budget this year or next year for an update to the 2002 Water Master Plan in order to document the changes that have taken place in the system and be current

Mr. Carchia listed the following capital outlay projects for his department:

Water Curb Box Replacements—the department is identifying parts of town where the valves are older or problematic and doing replacements. Other parts of town will be targeted every year for replacement.

Water System Replacement Valve—Replacement and Repair—these are water shut off valves that are in the street for the distribution system. There are a few areas in town where those valves need to be upgraded or replaced.

Water Meter Replacement—Primarily for residential meters that are broken or not functioning properly and cycling in new meters.

Hydrant Replacement and Repair—Hydrants that need repair or replacement have been identified. The worst ones will be replaced immediately and then the rest of the town will eventually be cycled in.

CCM Pump Station Building Upgrades—Upgrades will be made to the building to insulate it, make it more suitable and make it more structurally sound. Upgrades will be made to the outside of the structure as well.

Deputy Mayor MacArthur asked about the surplus account with the implementation of the new water rates.

Manager Lovell responded that the new rates have only been in effect for one quarter and they expect to see a healthier balance once the rates have been in place for a few more quarters.

Mr. Soccio reminded the Council that the state allows a town to anticipate revenue based on what was realized the year before.

Mr. Carchia noted that the contractor working on leak detection in town is researching new technology that will allow him to place sensors throughout the entire water system. Mr. Carchia would like to see Randolph play a role as a pilot town for such a project.

(2) Public Works Budget

Mr. Spring’s comments included the following:

  • Public Works responsibilities include maintaining the roads, the drainage systems, the right-of-ways, sweeping the roads, snow removal, brush pick-up, leaf pick up, signs throughout the towns, and fleet maintenance on everything the town owns
  • Fleet department is working out of very tight quarters right now so production is down, but the crews are still getting things done
  • The mild winter has helped with fewer repairs needed on major equipment
  • Recycling center returned to regular hours after the completion of the branch pick-up
  • Due to a construction project on Pierson Hill Road, he has gone out and re-evaluated other roads to be included in the road overlay project for this year—those roads include Timber Lane, a portion of Quaker Church Road, Old Shunpike, Jason Road, and Overlook
  • While the postponement of Pierson Hill and the addition of these five others has reduced the budget, the cost of asphalt may bring that cost back up
  • Pleasant Hill Road, which suffered a water main break last year, will be repaired with 1/3 of the cost coming from the contractor
  • Radtke Road from West Hanover to Rickland will be repaired—drainage down both sides of the road will be added and the road will also be re-planed
  • He would like to outfit three of the trucks with equipment that will enhance the de-icing and snow maintenance efforts

Items in his Capital Outlay program include:

  • The replacement of a 2002 model dump truck—the older vehicle could then be utilized as a salting truck in the winter
  • The replacement of a 2002 back hoe that is a 2-wheel drive vehicle and is ineffective
  • Refurbishment of two trucks
  • Share with Denville and Roxbury in the purchase of a paving box
  • Purchase of a side dump bucket for an existing wheel loader

Manager Lovell noted that the storm water basins are aging and in need of repair. Regulations require that towns take a much more active roll in maintaining them and being proactive in ensuring that the systems are upgraded and functioning properly at all times. Money has been placed in the Capital Improvement Fund for this purpose, and possibly some of the work can be done in-house.



Seeing no one from the public, the public portion was closed.


Deputy Mayor MacArthur offered his opinion that the Freedom Festival must not be canceled and he suggested the Manager look at contingency sites if the event can not be held at the County College of Morris campus.

Manager Lovell responded that he has met with Geoff Price on this matter and no decisions have been made. He believes that the parade can move forward as it always has because there is not a tremendous demand for parking. He suggested to Mr. Price that Kiwanis move the carnival to the site next to Town Hall and use the complex and the school complex for parking. Mr. Price is of the opinion that Kiwanis would want the carnival combined with the fireworks since the fireworks bring in the most people. The Manager suggested the Council consider a winter fireworks event on New Year’s Eve. The Manager will continue discussions with the County College and will keep the Council apprised of the situation.


WHEREAS, Section 8 of the Open Public Meetings Act, Chapter 231, P.L. 1975 (N.J.S.A. 10:4-12) permits the exclusion of the public from a meeting under certain circumstances; and

WHEREAS, this public body is of the opinion that such circumstances presently exist.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Mayor and Council of the Township of Randolph, in the County of Morris, and State of New Jersey, as follows:

1. The public shall be excluded from the following portion of the meeting.

2. The general nature of the subject matter to be discussed is as follows:

a. Green Acres Diversion Negotiations
b. Employee Contract Negotiations—Various Groups

3. As nearly as now can be ascertained, the matter or matters to be discussed at this time will be disclosed to the public at such time and under such circumstances as are prescribed by law.

4. At the conclusion of the closed Executive Session, the Council may reconvene in public session for the purpose of taking formal action on matters discussed in closed session or on any other matter as permitted by law.

Mayor Guadagno made a motion to move into Executive Session at 9:05 p.m. Councilwoman Mitsch seconded the motion, and the following roll call vote was taken:

Councilwoman Mitsch
Councilman Napoliello
Councilman Obremski
Councilwoman Veech
Deputy Mayor MacArthur
Mayor Guadagno

NAYS: None

ABSENT: Councilman Loveys

Councilman Napoliello made a motion to return to Open Session at 9:25 p.m. Councilwoman Veech seconded the motion, and the following roll call vote was taken:

Councilwoman Mitsch
Councilman Napoliello
Councilman Obremski
Councilwoman Veech
Deputy Mayor MacArthur
Mayor Guadagno

NAYS: None

ABSENT: Councilman Loveys


Councilman Napoliello made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:25 p.m. Councilwoman Veech seconded the motion, and the following roll call vote was taken:

Councilwoman Mitsch
Councilman Napoliello
Councilman Obremski
Councilwoman Veech
Deputy Mayor MacArthur
Mayor Guadagno

NAYS: None

ABSENT: Councilman Loveys

Donna Marie Luciani
Township Clerk