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Trails Advisory Committee

The Randolph Township Trails Advisory Committee, established in July of 2017, serves as an advisory board to the township council on the use, development and maintenance of the township trail system as well as the implementation of the trails master plan.

The committee is empowered to do the following:

  • oversees the implementation of the recommended actions included in the adopted trails master plan for the town
  • assists with the design and development of trails
  • makes recommendations on the maintenance and upkeep of township trails
  • makes policy recommendations to the township council on trail related matters
  • educates the public and promotes the township trail system
  • addresses other trail related issues and projects and makes recommendations as assigned by the township council or township manager
  • reviews and revises the trails master plan as deemed necessary

The committee consists of five general members, one alternate member, one member from the Randolph Township Parks Advisory Committee and one member from the township council. The alternate member participates in the absence of any of the general members.

2023 Trails Advisory Committee
Committee MemberTerm EndsTerm Length
Phil Sheehy, Chair12/31/253 years
Marc Perez, Vice Chair12/31/253 years
Janet McMillan12/31/253 years
Myra Sesko12/31/243 years
Peeter Tootsov12/31/243 years
Laura O'Connor, Parks Liaison12/31/231 year
Lauren Patterson, Alt. #112/31/242 years
Juliana Puttre, Student6/30/232 years
Elle Nathan, Student6/30/232 years
Councilmember Elbaum, Council Liaison