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Randolph Township Free Public Library



The Randolph Township Free Public Library Board of Trustees oversees library operations including but not limited to managing all property of the library, constructing buildings for use by the library, purchasing books and other reading materials, hiring librarians and other personnel, and establishing rules and regulations for the library.

In other words, the board generally does all things necessary and proper for the establishment and maintenance of a free public library within the township. It provides the township council with an annual report of its transactions, accounts, and the state and condition of the library.

The board consists of nine members, one of whom is the mayor (or his designee) and one of whom is the superintendent of schools (or his designee). The remaining seven members are appointed by the township council and serve five-year terms.

Bylaws of the Trustees of the Randolph Township Free Public Library 

2023 Library Board of Trustees
Committee MemberTerm EndsTerm Length
Amy Rosenthal-Laffey12/31/255 years
Jason Huang12/31/265 years
Matt Tal12/31/245 years
Evelyn Hammaren12/31/275 years
Lynne Rosenfeld12/31/235 years
Roy Squillario, President12/31/235 years
Denise Thornton12/31/235 years
Deputy Mayor Carey, Mayor's Alternate12/31/231 year
Catherine Cardaci, Superintendent's Appointee12/31/231 year

Trustee Meeting Minutes