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Monthly Archives for December 2019

Tree Trimming on Township Roads

Posted: December 30, 2019

Jersey Central Power & Light has engaged the services of NG Gilbert Tree Service to trim trees along the following roads beginning mid-January:

  • Alcor Road
  • Aldebaran Road
  • Barney Street
  • Bellatrix Road
  • Birch Street
  • Birchwood Road
  • Brookside Road
  • Budd Street
  • Calais Road
  • Calumet Road
  • Carellen Place
  • Carrell Road
  • Center Grove Road
  • Center Road
  • Chambers Place
  • Charles Street
  • Chester Avenue
  • Church Road
  • Clarks Lane
  • Clayton Lane
  • Clearview Drive
  • Combs Avenue
  • Combs Hollow Road
  • Concord Road
  • Corwin Street
  • Crestwood Drive
  • Dalrymple Street
  • Davis Avenue
  • Dawson Road
  • Devonshire Drive
  • Doby Road
  • Dogwood Trail
  • Dolly Bridge Road
  • Dover Chester Road
  • Draco Road
  • Edgewood Terrace
  • Ellam Drive
  • Elm Place
  • Emery Avenue
  • Everdale Road
  • Fairview Avenue
  • Farm Road
  • Farrington Lane
  • Fawn Hill Court
  • Fernia Drive
  • Fords Road
  • Georgian Road
  • Gilmar Road
  • Greenhut Avenue
  • Gristmill Road
  • Guerin Road
  • Guy Street
  • Harmony Road
  • Hemlock Place
  • Heritage Court
  • High Avenue
  • Highview Terrace
  • Hilltop Drive
  • Hollow Road
  • Huntington Drive
  • Jared Drive
  • Jason Lane
  • Jennifern Avenue
  • Jodilee Lane
  • Kings Brook Court
  • Lake Cherokee Drive
  • Lake Drive
  • Lamalfa Road
  • Lawrence Road
  • Lenape Way
  • Leslie Avenue
  • Linda Terrace
  • Logan Road
  • Longview Avenue
  • Mac Spar Drive
  • Main Street
  • Marjaleen Road
  • Mel Drive
  • Melanie Lane
  • Millbrook Avenue
  • Morris Turnpike
  • Mostyn Road
  • Mountainside Drive
  • Nerewood Road
  • Nuco Terrace
  • Oak Lane
  • Old Brookside Road
  • Old Center Grove Road
  • Old Shunpike Road
  • Overlook Avenue
  • Pamela Drive
  • Park Avenue
  • Parkview Road
  • Peace Road
  • Pierson’s Hill Road
  • Pleasant Hill Road
  • Quail Run
  • Quaker Avenue
  • Quaker Church Road
  • Radtke Road
  • Reservoir Avenue
  • Ridge Road
  • Robin Lane
  • Route 10
  • Sanford Drive
  • Schoolhouse Road
  • Selma Boulevard
  • Shaker Mill Road
  • Sharon Street
  • Shongum Road
  • South Road
  • Spring Brook Drive
  • Stonehill Road
  • Stratford Drive
  • Sunset Drive
  • Sussex Turnpike
  • Treaty Road
  • Tucker Avenue
  • Valley Drive
  • Valley Road
  • Valley View Avenue
  • W. Elizabeth Drive
  • Wilkeshire Boulevard
  • William Street
  • Winchester Terrace
  • Woodmont Drive
  • Zander Lane
  • Zeliff Place

Blasting Operations to Take Place

Posted: December 26, 2019

On or about Friday, December 27, 2019 blasting operations will start for Randolph Township Public School’s new field house/wellness center. The blasting zone will be located a safe distance between the Randolph Middle School and Randolph High School on the site of the old field house.


Blasting operations will operate Monday through Saturday between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. and may continue through March 2020.

Safety procedures will be utilized prior to every blast. These procedures will include the posting of signage, multiple signals prior to any blast, and advance notification to school officials of blasting work. Blasting will be at non-damaging levels, however, it is normal for the blasts to be heard and/or felt, sometimes for considerable distances depending upon the local geology and weather conditions.

Please note that this is a Randolph Township Schools project. If you have questions or concerns about this project, contact Randolph Township School Business Administrator Gerald Eckert at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this e-mail address) or call 973.361.0808.

Hope One Van to Visit the Library

Posted: December 26, 2019

The Morris County Sheriff’s Office operates Hope One, a mobile recovery access vehicle offering critical support for persons struggling with addiction, with the goals of preventing drug overdoses and deaths. It will be at the library on Tuesday, January 21, 2020 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

A sheriff’s officer, licensed clinician and a certified peer recovery specialist staff the vehicle. They are able to provide clients immediate access to services and treatment facilities, putting them on the road to recovery and wellness.

More information about Hope One

Christmas Tree Collection in January 2020

Posted: December 26, 2019

In response to tree/shrub damage caused by recent snow/ice storms, crews from the Randolph Township Public Works Department will collect branches placed curbside along with the annual Christmas tree collection and continuing through January, weather permitting. Any debris the township is unable to collect in January due to weather conditions will be picked up during the spring branch collection. More about storm-related branch collection »

The Randolph Township Public Works Department will be picking up residents’ used Christmas trees this holiday season.

The trees must be bare, with no stands, ornaments, lights, tinsel, etc. Place at curb without plastic bags. The collected trees will be chipped and the chips will be available for use in next year’s gardens.

Christmas trees must be put out at the curb NO LATER THAN January 6, 2020.

Trees put out later than this date WILL NOT be picked up by the township. However, Christmas trees will be accepted anytime during normal working hours at the recycling center on Sussex Turnpike.

Upcoming Storm

Posted: December 16, 2019

A message from Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L):

JCP&L meteorologists are closely monitoring the developing weather conditions. JCP&L is prepared to activate its storm response and Incident Command System plans.

In the event outages occur due to severe weather, customers without power are encouraged to report their outage by calling 1-888-LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877), clicking the “Report Outage” link at the JCP&L website, or by texting out to 544487.

Customers should immediately report downed wires to 1-888-LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877) or call their local police department. JCP&L reminds customers to stay away from downed wires, even if they believe they are no longer carrying electricity. Extra caution should be used in areas where downed lines are tangled with trees or other debris. Motorists are cautioned to treat intersections with inoperable traffic signals as four-way stops.

JCP&L customers can subscribe to email and text message alert notifications to receive weather updates in advance of major storms and updates on scheduled or extended power outages. Visit the JCP&L website to enroll. Follow JCP&L on Twitter @JCP_L, on Facebook or online.

Storm-Related Branch Collection

Posted: December 11, 2019

In response to the damage to trees and shrubs caused by the recent snow/ice storm, efforts have been initiated to remove tree debris from the township roads, rights of way and from residents’ properties hard hit by the storm.

Since the storm hit, township crews have been working to clear all tree debris impacting roadways and sidewalks, as well as picking up branches and limbs from township rights of way. These clean-up efforts will continue throughout the remainder of this month along with the completion of the curbside leaf collection program. Tree limbs and branches should not be mixed with leaf piles. The curbside leaf collection program is in effect until all collection zones have been completed.

Beginning in January, the township will be collecting brush from residents seeking to dispose of any remaining storm debris from their property. Crews from the Randolph Township Public Works Department will collect branches placed curbside along with the annual Christmas tree collection starting on Monday January 6, 2020 and continuing through January, weather permitting. Any debris the township is unable to collect in January due to weather conditions will be picked up during the spring branch collection.

Please ensure that storm-related branches are cut into manageable lengths, no greater than eight feet. The township will not be able to take stumps.

The storm-related branch collection is expected to take several weeks to complete due to the significant volume of damaged trees.

Residents can drop off branches at the recycling center from Wednesday through Sunday during operating hours.

Your cooperation and patience with the clean-up effort is greatly appreciated.

December 3 Storm Update

Posted: December 3, 2019

Update posted December 4, 2019 10:00 a.m.

As of 7:45 a.m., the police department reported the below street issues/closures:

  • Davis Avenue—wires and tree down
  • Quaker Church Road by #393—live wires
  • Treaty Road by #50—wires and tree down
  • South Road by Heistein Park—wires down
  • Radtke Road—wires and trees down
  • Mac Spar Drive by #50—low hanging wires

JCP&L crews continue to work in the town to address the remaining outages. They have advised that the majority, if not all, of the outages will be restored over the next 24 hours.

JCP&L is reporting numerous outages in Randolph from the winter storm which hit the area over the past few days. Crews have been in town all day assessing and/or repairing damaged lines and poles and will be continuing their work into this evening. Residents’ best source for information related to outages is the JCP&L website; the township does not have more information than what JCP&L posts. If your power is out and you have not yet reported it, call 1-888-LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877), or click the “Report Outage” link at the JCP&L website.

Due to the power outages, the township has established warming/charging stations:

  • The community center at 30 Calais Road will be open until 9:00 p.m.
  • The Randolph library will be open until 9:00 p.m.
  • The Randolph YMCA will be open until 10:00 p.m.

The town does not open shelters overnight as we do not have the required resources to meet the health and security requirements for a 24-hour shelter.

Individuals with specific health needs may contact OEM Coordinator, Bill Wagner, at 973.214.7629 for assistance.

JCP&L is offering free water & ice to customers remaining out of service. Customers can pick up water and ice locally at the following locations:

  • Shoprite of Bernardsville, 93 Morristown Rd, Bernardsville, NJ
  • Shoprite of Chester, 195 Rt 206, Chester, NJ
  • Shoprite of Morristown, 178-190 E Hanover Ave
  • Shop Rite of Mansfield, Rt 57 West and Allen Street, Hackettstown
  • Acme Supermarkets, 690 Millbrook Ave. Randolph
  • Kings Supermarket, 88 East Main Street. Mendham
  • Kings Supermarket, 191 South Street, Morristown

The township will provide updates as they arise.

Recreation Department Sponsors Holiday Celebration

Posted: December 2, 2019

The community is invited to attend Randolph’s annual tree lighting ceremony on Saturday, December 7, 2019 beginning at 7:00 p.m. The holiday celebration will take place at the community center, located at 30 Calais Road in Randolph.

Come on out and celebrate the holiday season with neighbors, friends and the RMS Canzonetta Choir. Cookies, hot chocolate and other light refreshments will be served. Rumor has it that Santa Claus will be making a guest appearance so be sure to bring your list(s)!

Have questions about the planned festivities? Contact 973.989.7081 for more details.