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2020 Road Resurfacing Program

Posted: June 9, 2020

Randolph Township evaluates the condition of the road system on an annual basis as part of its ongoing road maintenance program.

This evaluation program is a collaborative effort between the engineering and public works departments. It combines an independent rating of the road evaluation system condition and the expertise of the public works director and his crew who maintains the roads daily. This program tracks all of the 154 center line miles of township roadways.

The funding for this year is similar to last year, allowing for the same amount of miles of roadway maintenance. Eighteen roads, or 4.15 miles, are scheduled for resurfacing. As in past years, if funds are available after the roads scheduled for resurfacing have been completed, additional roads could be added prior to the end of the year.

The following roads are tentatively scheduled to be resurfaced this summer. Residents living on these roads who may be looking to install new underground utility lines such as gas or water, from the street to their home, should schedule the installation prior to the resurfacing.

Lawrence RoadEdinburgh Drive to Millbrook Avenue
Richter StreetEntire length
Echo Ridge RoadEntire length
Hugg RoadEntire length
Fords RoadCenter Grove Road to # 52 Fords Road
High StreetEntire length
Dover Hills AvenueEntire length
Jessica PlaceEntire length
Overbrook RoadEntire length
Carriage CourtEntire length
Treaty RoadEntire length
Butternut RoadEntire length
Longhill RoadEntire length
Shady LaneEntire length
Valley DriveEntire length
Dyer LaneEntire length
Morgan CourtEntire length
El Shaer CourtEntire length

Additionally, the roads that were included in the 2019 program that were not completed will be added to this year’s program. They include:

Arnold DriveEntire length
Woodlawn TerraceEntire length
Schumann RoadEntire length
Carellen PlaceEntire length
Harvey TerraceEntire length
Nuko TerraceEntire length
Jason LaneEntire length
Old Shunpike RoadNuko Terrace to end