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Monthly Archives for August 2022

Fall 2022 Large Item Clean Up Week

Posted: August 31, 2022

The township-wide collection of large household garbage items will take place the week of September 19, 2022.

All residents must place bulk clean up items curbside no later than 6:00 a.m. on Monday, September 19.

Loose household items must be placed curbside in bags or cans (not recyclable cardboard boxes). Please be sure to clearly separate regular household trash from your cleanup items.

Please note the collection is simply an extension of your one-item-of-bulk-trash per weekly curbside collection service available to residents throughout the year.

Have questions regarding acceptable materials? Contact the health department at 973.989.7050.

Pet Waste Pollutes Our Waters

Posted: August 30, 2022

The Randolph Township Health Department/Animal Control asks you to leash, curb and clean up after your dog and never dispose of pet waste in storm drains.

What’s the problem with pet waste? Pet waste transmits disease and can contaminate water sources.

According to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, rain can wash pet waste that sits on a lawn or unpaved surface into storm drains, ultimately ending up in our lakes, rivers and the ocean. Pet waste contains coliform bacteria and other pollutants that can make people sick, and often cause beach closures on lakes or the ocean. Coliform bacteria can contaminate shellfish, which causes people to get very sick when they are eaten. Bacteria from pet waste can also pollute your drinking water, as well as kill fish, wildlife and plants. Pet waste is not only a health hazard but also a nuisance in our neighborhoods.

You can help! Use newspaper, plastic bags, or a pooper-scooper to pick up the waste when you walk your pet. Properly dispose of pet waste into the trash or toilet. (Do not dispose of newspaper or plastic bags in the toilet.)

Randolph Township adopted Ordinance No. 12-05:

Sec. 24-259. - Prohibited conduct.
The spilling, dumping, or disposal of materials other than storm water to the municipal separate storm sewer system operated by the Township of Randolph is prohibited. The spilling, dumping, or disposal of materials other than storm water in such a manner as to cause the discharge of pollutants to the municipal separate storm sewer system is also prohibited.

If anyone is caught dumping into the storm water sewer, the fine could be up to $2,000.00.

Council Members Recognized During Raksha Bandhan

Posted: August 24, 2022

The Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh USA, Inc.  (“HSS” or the Hindu Service Society) organization sponsored a celebration of Raksha Bandhan on Thursday, August 18, 2022 at the Randolph Township Library meeting room.

In India, Hindus have traditionally observed Raksha Bandhan festival to recognize the bond between sisters and brothers of protecting and supporting one another in Universal Oneness.

Since 2004, HSS in the United States has celebrated Raksha Bandhan at the community level, broadening this festival beyond family by thanking civic officials for protecting and bringing local communities together.

Members of the Randolph township council were honored to observe Raksha Bandhan with members of the HHS, who tied Rakhi on their right wrists in appreciation of their service to the community.

Universal Oneness
Depicted from left to right in foreground is Randolph Mayor Marie Potter, Srinivasa Vadali, Deputy Mayor Lou Nisivoccia and Sheela Gupta.


Posted: August 16, 2022

Please join us in being part of the #9PMRoutine.

The #9PMRoutine is a nightly practice of residents to remove valuables from their vehicles, lock their vehicle doors, lock the doors to their residences, turn on exterior lights and activate all alarms and security systems.

We ask residents to set a nightly reminder on their smartphones or other devices that will remind them to follow the #9PMRoutine.

Many vehicle burglaries, and to a lesser degree, stolen vehicles, occur as a result of vehicles being left unlocked. Criminals walk through neighborhoods, trying vehicle door handles, hoping to find an unlocked vehicle. The best way to prevent vehicle burglaries is to remove all of your valuables, lock your vehicle’s doors upon exiting and take the keys to the vehicle inside your residence.

Criminals look for easy targets. You can make it more difficult for them by following the #9PMRoutine!

Be part of the #9PMRoutine.

Fall Clean Communities and Paper Shredding Event

Posted: August 11, 2022

Clean Communities Day
Join local civic and scout organizations in tidying up Randolph Township at Clean Communities Day on Saturday, September 24, 2022 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. beginning at the municipal building located at 502 Millbrook Avenue in Randolph. All participants will receive gloves, garbage bags and t-shirts. Group leaders can arrange to pick up supplies at the health department the week of September 19th during business hours, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Mini-grants are available for civic groups. To sign up, call the health department at 973.989.7050.

Paper Shredding Services
As part of its Clean Communities Day, the Randolph Township Health Department will once again offer confidential paper shredding services free of charge to residents from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 24, 2022 in the municipal building parking lot. Pandemic safety guidelines will be in effect. Please follow the traffic pattern, park where directed, and remain in vehicle and a DPW employee will assist with items. This shredding service is:

  • For Randolph residents only. Have your NJ driver’s license available.
  • Personal, confidential documents generated in the home only (not commercial or home-business generated).
  • Limited to three file boxes per household (file box = 1.5 cu feet).
  • Confidential documents do not include junk mail and store flyers or solicitations. Please separate this material from confidential documents.
  • Documents must be free of any metal clips, rings or binders and should not include any CDs, x-rays, plastic file folders, etc.

Have questions? Contact the health department at 973.989.7050.

New Jersey Enters Drought Watch

Posted: August 9, 2022

New Jersey issued a statewide drought watch as of August 9, 2022, and the Murphy administration is urging residents and businesses to conserve water as persistent dry and hot conditions continue to stress water supplies throughout the state.

The declaration of a drought watch is the first in the state’s three-stage drought advisory system. The watch is intended to sow public awareness and appreciation of the stress upon water supply sources and encourage voluntary water conservation measures. If conditions do not improve, declaration of a drought warning or a drought emergency with mandatory water use restrictions may become necessary. Voluntary conservation measures at the watch stage can help to avoid more serious and restrictive drought conditions.

At this time of year, more than 30 percent of water demand in suburban areas is for outdoor purposes, much of which can be reduced or avoided.

The public can make a big difference by reducing watering of lawns and landscaping, reducing the washing of vehicles, and cutting back on essential uses such as hosing off driveways and sidewalks. Residents and businesses can also practice many conservation measures to reduce indoor water use.

More water conservation tips

Two More Residents Earn Eagle Scout Rank

Posted: August 2, 2022

During the Eagle Scout Court of Honor Event held on Sunday, July 31, 2022, two Randolph residents received proclamations from Deputy Mayor Lou Nisivoccia on behalf of the township council in recognition of their achievement of the Eagle Scout rank earlier this year: Ryan Borinski and Patrick Williams.

As Boy Scouts of America with Troop #50, Mr. Borinski had been a member for twelve years before earning the rank of Eagle Scout on July 3, 2022, and Mr. Williams was a member for five years prior to his promotion to Eagle Scout on March 13, 2022. Both young men earned their ranks through completion of projects that will have lasting impacts for the community.

Eagle Scout Ryan Borinski led a project that will benefit the users of the Randolph trails. After presenting his ideas to the Randolph Trails Advisory Committee and Recreation and Community Services Director Russ Newman, they agreed on installing additional directional sign posts at key points on the trails. The new signs match the size and style of existing trail signage and will better guide trail users for a more enjoyable experience on the trail system.

Eagle Scout Patrick Williams earned his Eagle Scout Award by completing a project that will benefit Resurrection Parish. After observing the poor and dangerous condition of the storage building, he led a group of family, friends, and volunteers to replace the flooring and install a new door and two new windows. The storage building is now safe and accessible for Father Tarantino and all the parish volunteers that change the decorations for the holidays throughout the year.

In achieving the rank of Eagle Scout, Mr. Borinski and Mr. Williams have reached the zenith of scouting and are a source of pride and inspiration for all of Randolph. Both young men deserve recognition and congratulations for their exceptional achievements!

Deputy Mayor Nisivoccia, Eagle Scout Williams, Eagle Scout Borinski
Pictured l to r: Deputy Mayor Lou Nisivoccia, Eagle Scout Patrick Williams, Eagle Scout Ryan Borinski.