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Mayor’s Reorganization Address

Posted: January 1, 2016

Mayor Roman Hirniak addressed attendees at Randolph’s January 1, 2016 reorganization meeting. The following is the text of his speech.

Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon.

I’d like to start today by welcoming our residents, friends and guests, who tempered their revelry last night in order to join us on this day of transition from one municipal year to the next.

I would like to also extend warm greetings to those dignitaries here today representing our federal, state and county governments. Thank you for your tireless support and cooperation, as we collectively strive to improve the lives of our citizenry and maintain the quality of life which makes Randolph an exceptional place to live. A special hello as well to our colleagues from nearby municipalities and best wishes in the new year.

Beginning with today’s reorganization meeting and continuing over the next twelve months, I will be tasked with not only presiding over this council, but also advocating on behalf of its members to ensure a steady and focused improvement in the quality of life enjoyed by our residents.

My responsibilities will be varied and include working with Deputy Mayor Carey, Board of Education President MacKay and Interim Superintendent Fano to provide our schoolchildren with an environment that propels them into becoming future leaders within our community. I will be returning to the planning board and along with Councilman Guadagno, resolve in maintaining a strong voice concerning how our land use development regulations are being both interpreted and implemented.

As communications liaison to our media and press outlets, I will be working with those institutions to provide our residents with a window into what their elected officials are legislating. And I will be liaising to the township’s economic development committee, a body which promotes the welfare of our commercial citizens, whether large or small. This council and preceding councils have consistently worked to expand the opportunities for Randolph businesses to flourish and grow. That has always been our mantra and it will most assuredly continue to be so in calendar year 2016.

In each of these roles, I look forward to establishing new relationships with committee members who I have yet to meet and cementing existing relationships with those whom I’ve gotten to know over the years.

And now for some acknowledgments. First and foremost, thank you to our Township Manager Steve Mountain, Township Clerk Donna Luciani and the professionals on their respective staffs. I use the term “professionals” because that is what these individuals are, best described at our recent employee appreciation breakfast as the primary reason that Randolph is constantly being cited as an example of how to properly run a municipal corporation, not just amongst our peers in the county but throughout the state.

Next, thank you to chiefs Stokoe and Cohrs. Your respective departments not only protect our material treasures, but also, and more importantly, our individual safety and security. The council and town hall are able to focus on the business of running the township because the pride and honor of your members allow us to do so.

And finally, a thank you to Joanne Veech. Over the past 12 months, your stewardship of the Office of Mayor of Randolph has moved us in a positive direction. The accolades placed on the record by Steve at our last council meeting are well deserved.

In closing, I’d like to wish everyone peace and prosperity in 2016. May God bless you, your families and all of us on the township council. And may we all gather again in this chamber 12 months from now to celebrate and enjoy the mutual connections which have brought us together this afternoon.

Happy New Year!

Mayor Roman Hirniak
January 1, 2016