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Police Promote “Put the Brakes on Fatalities Day”

Posted: September 25, 2013

Motorists in the garden state and throughout the nation are asked to join a day-long effort on October 10, 2013, designed to increase awareness about safe driving behaviors and keep the state’s roadways fatality free for one day.

Known as Put the Brakes on Fatalities Day, the national initiative was designed to unite the country in moving toward zero fatalities for one full day by encouraging motorists to obey all traffic laws. This includes buckling up every time, driving the posted speed limit, avoiding distractions while driving and always being safe and sober behind the wheel.

To support this effort, the Randolph Township Police Department will be allocating additional resources and equipment. Motorists traveling through the township can expect to see an increased police presence on the roadways in addition to traffic calming devices, police decoy cars and a message board promoting the safe driving campaign.

“Through these initiatives,” said Chief David Stokoe, “we look to further educate the public about the safety campaign while at the same time making our roadways safer for everyone to travel.”

Although New Jersey has managed to celebrate the last two Put the Brakes on Fatalities Days (2011 & 2012) without tragedy, it will take the combined vigilance of all roadway users to accomplish this feat for the third consecutive year.

Last year in New Jersey, 589 individuals lost their lives in motor vehicle-related crashes, down from 627 in 2011. The decline continues a downward trend in motor vehicle fatalities, highlighted by 2010 which had the lowest number of recorded motor vehicle deaths in the state since the 1940s.

Additional information on the Put the Brakes on Fatalities Day is available at the website of the national organization that developed the initiative.