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Display of Residency Sticker Required at Recycling Center

Posted: August 23, 2018

The use of the Randolph recycling center by non-residents has increasingly become an issue. When non-residents dispose of their recyclables at our facility, it increases the weight of the materials being hauled away. Since the township pays for the removal of recyclables, the increased tonnage will result in an increase in cost to our taxpayers.

To eliminate the use by non-residents and alleviate the need to pass on the additional cost to taxpayers in the future, the recycling center staff has begun to enforce the residency requirement. Therefore, residents who do not already have a sticker on the rearview mirror of their vehicle will need to obtain one.

Residents may obtain a sticker at the recycling center during operating hours OR in the Randolph Township Engineering Department at the municipal building, during regular business hours. Residents must show their driver’s license and vehicle registration to the staff member issuing the sticker. Late night dates (municipal building open until 8:00 p.m.) for the remainder of the year are September 6, November 1 and December 6.