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Township Revaluation Scheduled to Begin

Posted: March 17, 2015

Appraisal Systems, Inc. will be making a presentation on Tuesday, June 23, 2015 about the upcoming township-wide revaluation. This public event will take place at the municipal building beginning at 7:00 p.m. All property owners are welcome to attend.

The Township of Randolph will be conducting a municipal-wide revaluation for the 2017 tax year in order to appraise all real property in terms of its full and fair market value.

Also known as tax equalization, revaluation ensures that all property owners pay their fair share of taxes based on the actual market value of the property they own.

The township has contracted with Appraisal Systems, Inc. to conduct the revaluation process which will begin this spring. Additional information will be made available to property owners through a variety of mediums in the ensuing months.

Get an explanation of the process from Appraisal Systems, Inc.