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Trails Master Plan Public Presentation

Posted: September 22, 2017

Ben Spinelli, of Greener by Design LLC, will be presenting a final draft of the proposed trails master plan to the Randolph Township Council on Thursday, September 28, 2017. The council meeting is scheduled to begin at 7:00 p.m. at the municipal building (502 Millbrook Avenue).

The trails master plan has been on ongoing initiative throughout 2017. As a public use plan, a variety of methods were used to encourage public input to the plan. These methods included several public meetings, meetings with trail use stakeholder groups, emergency service providers and township staff and volunteers. In addition, a short survey was used to gauge current usage of the trails as well as to elicit suggestions for improvements. Also, a “trail blitz” was performed to walk and document every mile of the current trail system.

This information was integrated into the final draft of the trails master plan, as recommended by a steering committee comprised of the following individuals:

  • Mayor Chris Carey
  • council member Mark Forstenhausler
  • council member Mike Guadagno
  • committee chair Phil Sheehy
  • Janet McMillan, Randolph Township Parks Advisory Committee
  • Vic Viscomi, Randolph Township Recreation Advisory Committee
  • Marc Perez, Randolph Township Wildlife Management Advisory Committee
  • Darren Carney, township planning and zoning administrator
  • Russ Newman, director of the Randolph Township Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Services

The trails master plan includes an assessment of the current trail conditions, an analysis of trail connectivity, an assessment of opportunities to expand the network by identifying specific trail segments, a maintenance plan, and recommendations for trail marking and branding of the system.

View the final draft of the trails master plan (42,000 KB)