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Uptick in Car Break-Ins Warrants Vigilance

Posted: January 8, 2019

The Randolph Township Police Department continues to experience incidents in which unlocked vehicles are entered during the overnight/early morning hours.

The actors go through the vehicles and remove items of value. In the past, some victims have had identification taken from the vehicle. These incidents are not isolated to just one section of town.

In addition, actors have been known to break into parked vehicles when valuables are left in plain view.

There are several ways to prevent yourself from becoming a victim.

  • Remove all personal belongings such as identification, wallets, purses, laptops and any other items of value from your vehicle when parked overnight. When parking at other times, make sure these items are not visible if someone is looking in your vehicle.
  • Always lock your vehicle, even in your driveway. We are a safe community, however, when an actor sees an opportunity to gain something, they will.
  • Never leave your keys or FOBs in the vehicle. Most vehicles stolen in Randolph are a result of keys/FOBs being left in an unlocked vehicle.
  • Report any suspicious incidents or people immediately by calling 9-1-1.