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Volunteers Provide COVID-19 Vaccination Appointment Assistance

Posted: March 15, 2021

Update: Assistance is now available to any Randolph resident who currently qualifies for the COVID-19 vaccination.

Thirty dedicated, computer savvy volunteers have been working around the clock securing COVID-19 vaccination appointments for Randolph’s seniors and township school staff.

This effort started when members from a similar volunteer program in Chester helped Randolph volunteers create the assistance program in Randolph. There are currently about 30 “Randolph COVID-19 Angels” that have booked vaccination appointments for approximately 50 seniors and 100 township school staff. These volunteers also provided information and coaching to other township residents which resulted in an additional 100 vaccination appointments.

The township is honored to work with this team of volunteers and is providing full support through all departments including the township manager’s office, community services, the Randolph Department of Health and the Randolph Rescue Squad.

The volunteer group plans to continue to provide appointment assistance until their help is no longer required.

To request COVID-19 appointment assistance for Randolph seniors 65+ and pre-K to 12 educators and staff, complete this form or call 908.955.3996 to reach a volunteer.