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Warmer Weather and Vehicle Burglaries

Posted: May 13, 2014

As is common when the weather turns nicer, the Randolph Township Police Department is receiving numerous reports of burglaries to unlocked motor vehicles.

Although we live in a safe community, residents are reminded that they should always lock their doors. This applies both to vehicles and residences.

The burglaries to motor vehicles can best be described as an opportunistic crime. The normal routine is that an actor or actors simply walk through the neighborhoods and check any vehicle they come in contact with to see if they are unlocked.

Once an unlocked vehicle is found, the actors enter the vehicle, go through it and steal anything of value. The best protection against this type of crime is to simply lock the doors.

There are also times, however, where forced entry is made to a vehicle. Most of the time, this is due to an object of value—money, wallets, etc.—in plain view. If your vehicle is parked unattended, please remember to keep these types of objects either out of view or out of the vehicle altogether.

Residents are reminded that the best way to keep our community safe is to report all suspicious activity to the police department as soon as something is observed.